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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yoga Check In

Work has been crazy!

Long and late hours this week. I am posting from my phone because it has been a few days since I've posted. All is well, just busy and not getting enough rest. Something always suffers when work gets busy. I am working on that.
I think I need to improve upon my time management and work on staying on track with my "To Do List"
Anyway! Yoga related: I had a small home practice on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mainly to help with my Sciatic nerve. I was in horrible pain on Tuesday so I broke down and saw a Chiropractor. It helped a bit. I think it is inflamed. But I did in get a small practice. Tonight I heading to the studio for Vinyasa Flow class. I need to get into a class tonight to get that motivation.

There are so many benefits from a home practice and there are so many great benefits from a class/teacher. I think for mY personal practice I need a good combination of both. I am starting to volunteer at the yoga studio 2 days a week in exchange for yoga. That will get me to the studio 3 times a week and help me financially. The studio is run by an amazing group of ladies!! For the past 2 years that studio has been a source of joy and happiness. Well I need to stop Texting and concentrate on work.

Make it a great day!!

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