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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Night Yogini Style

What a cold weekend! Of course it is a southern's version of Cold. I think we are in the highteens.
Anyway! My weekend was crazy busy but I managed to get onto my mat here and there!
So far this week I've made it to the studio 3 times! And I plan to go tomorrow for Led Primary Class.
Last night after work (which work was insane!) I headed to the Studio for Mysore. The Friday evening Mysore class is growing! I added on 2 more asanas past Supta Kurmasana. I am happy that I am no longer relying on my cheat sheet! That is an accomplishment in itself!
So my practice was good. My sciatic issues were still there, just not as noticable. I was careful in my forward folds.
After class my teacher and I chatted about yoga travels in the fututre. I folded Lavedner Towels, put in a new load of towels, Swept the floors and mopped the floors with a wonderful smelling tea tree oil mixture.
After that I grabbed 2 sandwiches that were given to the mysore students. (One of the students work sat a Soup place and brought the remaining sandwiches so everyoen could have a snack after!) I grabbed 2 PB&J and 1 avocado one. Dinner for Denver & I!
I came home, played with Chai and watched Ashtanga, NY (my teacher lent me her copy to watch)
All in all it was a nice way to spend a Friday night!:)
I am about to head out and take care of some things with Dever. I am venturing into the coldness of Atlanta!:)
Happy Saturday

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