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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little yoga and a little relaxing

Yesterday was good. A busy busy day at work, headed to te yoga studio for Mysore. My practice was nice and sweaty and was exactly what I needed. I even got in one drop-back with the assistance of my teacher.
After class I grabbed dinner at whole foods and read in the lobby of the yoga studio while the basics class finished up. After that class I cleaned. However, for some reason the lotus frog fell off the back of the toliet in the bathroom into a ton of pieces. I had to text my teacher to tell her the frog met an untimely death...poor frog statue.

Today was a busy day at work. Just constant stream of work. All good stuff, just busy!
However I got home so late last night I didn't get enough sleep. So around 5:00 I cut out of work and headed home.
I did a light home practice. 5 Surya Namaskara A & 5 Surya Namaskara B then some of the standing and the final 3 poses.
I did try some backbends and a wide-legged dropback. However, it made me a little nauseous for some reason.
So, I ended with a short meditation and laid down for a few minutes. Not sure why I got nauseous. So Den & i just made dinner and I am feeling better!

Here are a few Pictures from before my practice. Of me & Chai.
I am off to read for a bit then going to bed early.

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