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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I love Saturdays

I love Saturdays.
Today I did my typical weekend cleaning: Vaccum, dust, empty dishwaser, filled dishwasher, Sweep & Mop Floors, Empty litter box, clean the bathroom.

I juiced Kale, Ginger, Cucumbers, Apples and cranberries.

I am enjoying some Decaffeinated Earl Gray tea with almond milk; a new favorite around my house. I do have caffeinated tea in the mornings but typically we end our day with some hot tea.

Denver & I then ran a few errands to pick up some groceries and we were excited that the Oriental Market Place filled their new Vegetarian Cooler! They told us in December they would have a huge freezer dedicated to Vegetarian food. They've had a small selection in the past but they now Carry May Wah and other great veggie meats and such.
We picked up some fake Ham, Pepper Steak and we came home to make Beef Chunks (they tasted better than they sound)
I am also in love with this chili sauce Sambal Oelek
So enough about food!


I wen to Mysore class last night. My practice was very different. My Asana practice was not was difficult. I mean it was still hard (becuase that is just how Ashtanga is for me) but since I am practicing more the practice is coming a little more naturally.
However my mind was all over the place. My mind was not on my own mat; so that kind of bothered me. But we all have those days.
After Savasana I left my mat where it was and headed into the lobby. I read for a bit as all the students finished up. After I stayed to clean the studio (I am cleaning Mondays & Fridays in exchange for classes)
It was nice to talk to the teachers again and the massage therapist that works and teaches at the studio might give me a good deal on a massage. we talked about my sciatica issues.
During practice I took it easy on forward folds in order to not irritate the nerve. It is weird because after practice my legs are kind of like pins & needles. I feel pressue being relieved. Then after sitting in my car for about 15 min the numbing and pain starts to return. I hope my back figures things out soon.

I am reading the books required for the workshop/teacher training in April.
There are parts of Stephanie Keach's Yoga Handbook I do enjoy. I am reading the portion on Lifestyle (I am jumping around a bit in the book)
Within the first few lines she states: "A yoga teacher must have a daily practice. Satya is truthfulness; without being true to our own practice, how can we teach?"
She also goes on to say that days when asana is not doable due to injury, illness and etc... there is always meditation and pranayama practice.

There is also a portion on "Food and other ingested substances"
She pretty much states that Ahimsa is very important. Also talks about Coffee and Alcohol. (I am not a huge coffee person but I am a big Tea person)

I was happy to read that from her. The workshop will be fun and I am arriving with no epectations to see where our student/teacher chemistry is and just go with it.

So today my practice was a light practice.

Tomorrow I am going to Mysore (hopefully unless I sleep in and practice at home)
I am headed to my sewing machine right now.


Tracy said...

Flo!!! I got the eye pillow today and am in LOVE with it!!! It is SO beautiful and the lavendar smell is Wonderful!!! Thank You SO much my friend~~i will take some photos of it on my eyes in India!!xoxo
(oh, and be on the lookout for a little package from mwah!)

Flo said...

I am so happy you liked it and I am happy it arrived safely!