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Currently enrolled in a 230hr Yoga Teacher Training. I hope to share that with you here.
Born & raised in the south along the banks of the Mississippi in Louisiana. Married in 2003 and transplanted to Georgia.
A southern Yogini at heart.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Holidays, Mysore Practice and Training

Are you ready for the Holiday Season!? Chai wants to know? We are...because we don't do much really. And we like it that way.

What a lovely long weekend filled with the beginning of the holidays.My husband and I are a tiny little, him and the dog (Chai)
So I cooked a really good Vegan/Vegetarian Meal of: Tofurky, Greenbean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Home Made Mashed Potatos, Stuffing, Vegan Gravy, Pumpkin Pie.
Then we put up our Christmas tree.

Besides that- we relaxed, cleaned, watched movies and read a lot.
On Sunday I went to Mysore with Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta held at Yoga Samadhi
It was a packed mysore room (for our Atlanta Ashtangi's- we are a small group I believe)
But the teacher was wonderful. Some really good assists. I always enjoy the energy of Msyore Practice. It is one of those things where at times I think "Why do I do this to myself" and then I remind myself..."because in at the end of practice you feel amazing. Clear headed, light and blissful. So it is worth the sweat and work" And it truly is.
Nothing beats the high of Ashtanga yoga (for me anyway) I am a totaly yoga junkie lol.
I have teacher training this weekend. Headed back up to Asheville and living in the yoga bubble for 2.5 days. That is always wonderful. This weekend is focused on Anusara and Iyengar styles. So I am looking forward to seeing a little more in depth of these practices.
I've taken Iyengar classes and I took an Anusara Fundamentals 6 week course. So this will be a nice refresher on both styles.
Okay...well much to be done. Enjoy your week!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thankful for so much! Thankful for 4 days to spend with my family-- Denver & our furry child Chai.

Pumpkin Pie in the oven, now working on sweet potato casserole then the Tofurky.

I intend to get on my mat too at some point to give thanks for a practice that keeps me grounded and grateful.

♥ Much love.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Practice & Tofurky

Today's practice was difficult. Mentally and physically. I over slept--again. Which rushes my practice and I highly dislike. And I didn't make it to mysore at Balance.

I finally stopped goofing around and got on my mat. Unsure of what I would start with--I did the primary series up to Navasana with only a vinyasa between seated postures.
Forward folds were tough today. By the time I got to backbending I could only complete 3 that were decent.

In closing Halasana (Plow) was difficult. I think my upper back must not have been warmed up enough? Meditation was fine. It was better than asana.

However, I did realize that by the end I was shocked how fast the tiAdd Videome went by and that my upper arms were tired. So at least I pushed myself.
I really need to get a handle on my schedule- but that is typical for me.

Tonight we go to meditation with Bhante which will be a nice way to prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I intend to get up and practice. We also have 2 Tofurkey's in the fridge. Because my husband loves them so much! He likes to make tofurkey sandwhiches.

Not much else to report. Lots of reading to do this weekend!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Choosing Peace

Have you ever come across an article that took you for a turn or created a turning point for you? I have a few. One of which is related to my practice. I had been practicing Ashtanga for a few months and I really got hooked on yoga magazines as I was trying to learn as much as possible.
I picked up Yoga Mind Body Spirit in December of 2007

I remember reading an article by Kino MacGregor. At that time I had no idea who she was. But the Article Title "Choosing Peace" stuck out to me as well did a photo of her in a crazy variation of bow. At that time I was still very new to the practice.

I read this article and it triggered something in me. I had been frustrated with my progress on my mat (which has happened several times since then....) I get frustrated with something and typically give up..walk away...quit.

That applies to everything. Social Situations, relationships, so on.
So this article has been one that I go back to often.

Choosing Peace
by Kino MacGreggor
You create your reality by the thoughts that you think. Your attention is itself responsible for your life experience. No matter how awful the traffic jam is, how loud your neighbors are, how inconsiderate people may seem, how delayed the airplane is, you are the one who is in control of your reality.
Regardless of what type of experience finds its way into your life, you always have power over your reaction to reality. In doing so, you are the true master of your own fate. Think that life is awful and it is...for you. Think that people are careless, blind and ignorant and they will you. The power of positive thinking is a common topic of conversation, books and seminars in our post-new age, twenty-first century world. Most of us agree that it’s a good idea to concentrate our thoughts towards a positive goal, rather than lull around in the doldrums of complaint and whine. The real question lies not in the debate about whether we can create our own reality or not, but rather in the how.
Enter the five thousand year old tradition of which you take part when you practice yoga. Yoga is a true science of the mind where you actively practice choosing a peaceful response to distressful situations, thus giving you the tools for creating your reality in each moment. When you practice yoga, you watch your mind’s reaction to touching the borders of your physical reality. Your inner dialogue in postures that seem impossible to you parallels your reaction to life situations that push the boundary of your comfortability. Pushing these limits brings up fear, anger, sadness, frustration, and numerous other insidious emotions.
It is easy to let your mind spin away into these temptations, however, with regular practice you will have the strength to remain calm, focused and aware. It’s like the difference between scratching an itch automatically and feeling the itch, then choosing not to scratch. As you remain calm, you are able to choose a peaceful response to your experience and thereby create your own reality. Wayne Dyer says that it is always possible to stop any life experience and say to yourself, “I can choose peace over this.” Yoga gives you a forum to practice saying to yourself that you acutally can choose peace over the patterns that you’re practiced in the past. You finally have the strength to stop scratching those pesky itches.
Your thoughts are crystal clear in between your breath, posture, and drishti. With no one else to blame, no where else to run, nothing left to do, start where you are, in the center of your created life experience and begin the dedicated, devotional path towards creating a peaceful life in the present moment. One breath at a time.

After being inspired by this article and Kino's words I quickly went on a google hunt. I found Miami Life Center
I thought if I ever ended up in Miami I had to practice there. Well later on in 2008 a group of friends decided to take a trip to attend the grand opening of the Yoga Shala in Islamorada .
We found out it was cancelled the week prior---but the condo was paid for and we all had the week off. So we went anyway.
We all agreed to head to Miami for one mysore class with Kino. Here we are after a sweaty mysore practice in the Miami heat March 2008. Nearly 2 years ago.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Do your practice....

"Do your Practice and All is Coming" SKP Jois
A very beautiful, meaningful, special and wonderful reminder from A Lotus Girl
This Pendant has helped raise $1300 for Operation Shanti

Well I did 1/2 primary series today. My mind wasn't up for it, my body was also a bit rebellious.
I wanted to go further past Navasana. But I knew I would compromise the closing sequence so I refrained.
I noticed I NEED to keep a daily routine- as far as getting up at the same time. I find that when I don't my entire day is just thrown off and I spend a lot of time trying to catch up. Sometimes the extra 30-60 min of sleep isn't worth it.

In 2 weeks I am back at Teaacher training. In those 2 weeks I need to finish 2.5 books!
I did finish my first paper- a biography of a yogi and I chose SKP Jois. I re-read Yoga Mala and some other online interviews/articles to get some additional insight.
I think I have 5 more papers to write. Each is 1-2 pages but the big paper is 5-10 pages.
My topic is going to be Yoga & Buddhism. I am reading The Heat of Buddha's Teachings from Thich Nhat Hanh.
And I am a slow reader :)
Okay off to relax for the evening.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes on my is a LONG Post **you've been warned**

Yesterday I went to Mysore practice at Balance. It was great to see my teacher there. She & I talked earlier this week- we talked through some of my roadblocks with my teacher training & my practice. I am very lucky to have a teacher I admire and enjoy studying with so close to home.

I did get some pointers to work on during my home practice. One I keep hearing over and over from several different teachers "tuck the tailbone or lengthen the tailbone to the floor" which ever version you like best.
It seems (and I have noticed in my pictures and videos) that I have a sway back. My tailbone is always out there waving hello to the passers-by.
I mean it takes ALOT of concentration for me to lengthen it to the floor. It almost feels weird to my spine. I suppose this is an engrained habit that is going to be hard to break. And Of course I need to ensure I do not over tuck it taking the natural curve out of my lumbar.

Anyway, practice was sweaty. We agreed I will keep up with 1/2 primary (working up to Navasana then closing). This way I can build my strength and really focus on the quality of those asanas rather than moving through the entire Primary series exhausted and compromising form. So little by little as I gain my strength in the Primary series we will add more and more.

I can't explain why I found myself back in the Mysore practice or at an Ashtang studio. I mean I've tried lots of other styles when I thought Ashtanga wasn't for me. I can't explain what keeps drawing me back. So I try not to over analyze this anymore. Ashtanga is what is getting me on my mat every why over think that (right Nicole?)

I am also giving myself one full year to dedicate to the Primary series. In November 2010 a group of us are going to for a week long practice with in Miami Kino Macgregor and Tim Feldman.
So I have a year to dedicate to this practice and I am not going to give up again. Seriously if I start questioning this practice again because my mind starts telling me "You can't do this practice it is too difficult" "why are you here" and so on...I want you guys to say No. You made a promise to yourself now keep it. Give me tough love! :)

So the reason I want to stick with this is:
a) I always give up when the practice starts getting to intense, or an injury- which in my head gives me full persmission to just walk away from primary series. But I shouldn't. I should just modify and adapt rather than throwing it out the window.

b) I've never stuck with a truly dedicated Ashtanga practice. Always letting my ADD or monkey mind swing me in another direction either due to boredom or frustration

c) By the time November 2010 rools around I want to really reap the benefits of a full week of mysore practice and workshops with 2 amazing Ashtanga teachers. I want to show up with my practice (at whatever point is will be at during that time) and just lay out at thier feet saying "here is what I've got to work with". I want to be able to gain something from this experience. I have a full year to work with. This should allow me to show up and gain some insight. Raher than showing up withe a 1/2 assed attempt to my practice (does that make any sense?)

In other Ashtanga related news I was able to purchase this amazing Pendant. The idea behind this pendant is so sweet and I was happy to finally be able to contribute as well as be reminded of SKP jois message. "Do YOUR practice and all is coming." See I take that transalation as Your practice. Be it meditation, asana, kindness, etc...Just do your practice and everything will fall into place.

So in other yoga related news I am asking for this for my Christmas present
Not sure if I will find it under my tree but it was worth a shot to ask for huh?

And, I was asked to lead a gentle yoga practice during the break session of a Zazenkai. I intend to do so at their next one. Just some gentle asana to help with a full day of sitting meditation. I was honored that they asked me.

In other news my allergies are worse then they have ever been. Seriously. I am debating on going to see an allergist. I was tested last year to see if my allergies changed, and they have. But the past 2 weeks I've been waking up severly congested and havnig to live on Benedryl. Not good I know. But it is a requirment to be able to breathe and function. So far the ONLY medicine that is helping with this is Benedryl. So I am so sleepy most of the time.
Last night during our meditation with Bhante it took every ounce of energy I had to remain present and awake. I wanted to sleep so badly. So it didn't affect my meditation and I was not able to gain much from it rather than the idea that I need to see an allergist and get this under control. I mean this morning I woke up with my entire right nostril closed and unable to breathe. That is not how one should wake up!
And I can not continue to walk around in a zombified state either.

Sorry for such a long post, but my fingers kept going on the keyboard. :)
Have an amazing day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I hopped out of bed at 5:00AM and headed to Atlanta. I had a nice sweaty Mysore practice. I Only did the primary series up to Navasana. By the time I got to backbends my upper body was exhausted. My techer gave me some wonderful adjustments and some advice on things to work on during my home practice.

I really like getting to Balance once a week for mysore. It helps keep me grounded.
Okay on with the day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back from Asheville and back to my routine.

The weeekend in Asheville was wonderful. Learned lots of helpful adjustments, sequences, played around with different variations of Sun Salutes, did Viniyoga one evening, Yin Yoga, a master flow class, watched videos on Krishnamacharya and BKS Iyengar.
Now to work on my papers, reading assignments and keepnig up with daily asana, mediation and journaling practice.
The whole experience is pretty fun and awesome.
I took Monday off from practice. With it being a Moon Day and getting back to work and my rountine. It was nice to take the day in stride.

This morning however it was back to the mat. I decided to do 1/2 primary. Mid way through Surya Namaskara B I was already becoming tired and heavy...weird.
But I kept going. Since my toe is still acting up I skipped over Janu C and I've been stepping back through my vinyasas rathern than jumping.
All in all not a bad practice. My backbends were tight and Navasana was exhasuting. I could feel the ab work we did this weekend for sure!
Meditation was such a nice ending this morning.

Not much else to report. I have 3 weeks to read 2 books. So I better get started :)
I am teaching Vinyasa Flow on Monday & Thursdays at Lotus Yoga come by if you can.
I like teaching. We keep working towards getting the word out about our tiny yoga bubble.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Road Trip= Teacher Training Part 2

Packed up and ready to head to Asheville for the weekend for Yoga Teacher Training. Can't wait to be back in the mountains and in the "yoga bubble" ♥

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Training-in-progress ॐ

The rain keeps pouring down here in Georgia. I beleive my driveway and yard is forming into a pond.
But seriously- we live in the country on 6 something acres of land. We have a long gravel driveway with a gravel parking area...and I beleive there is no gravel left. Just mud. So we need to look into getting that fixed.

This week has been busy. I am looking forward to heading to Asheville on Friday. Teacher training runs from Friday-Sunday. I really love being there. If I could---I'd move to Asheville. I love the area and everything about it. I am also hoping to eat some yummy vegan dishes at Rosetta's Kitchen (thanks Nicole for the tip) The great thing is that they are open late! Our training lets out around 9:00 PM on friday so I think this would be a nice way to end the evening.

In other yoga-teacher-training news. I have 6 papers to write. So Far I believe I've nailed down 2 of my topics.
Biography on SKP Jois
My very large paper about Yoga and Buddhism

I have several other papers to write like book reviews and such. But these are my first two and larger papers. So I need to at least start an outline.
Since I decided to do the biography on SKP Jois I was re-reading Yoga Mala. Since I haven't read this book since I first started Ashtanga years ago--it makes much more sense to me now.
I am not an advanced Ashtanga student by any means. I can only comfortably complete 1/2 primary without complete exhaustion. Granted I believe that will improve with constant practice. But regardless of the styles I try...I always land back at Ashtanga...and I can never understand why so I've stopped trying to.

Also, I am reading the Yoga Sutras (Sri Swami Satchidananda's translation)
I read book one in the past. I am re-reading book One and starting book two. Not a light read. But something you can pick up and digest bits and pieces each time.

Overall I am really enjoying diving into practice, study and training in general.
This Sunday I also assist Stepahnie in her Mast class. That will be a new experience!
Much love!!!
Off to get some work done.

Monday, November 9, 2009

ॐ Practice ॐ

This weekend was nice. Lots of reading for my teacher training. I finished Erich Schiffmann's book and I am reading part 1 & 2 of the Yoga Sutras by Sri Swami Satchidananda.
Plus starting my outlines for several papers I have to write. Which I haven't written papers in sooo long.

Practice wise; things are moving along. Today I missed going to morning mysore practice at Balance. Instead I did a home practice. Only 1/2 primary series (as I over slept)
Tonight I am teaching a vinyasa flow class at 6:30 at Lotus.
I believe the classes are going to pick up. The businesses on the "square" which is where the studio is located; we all had a Holiday open house. They do this every year. Mind you the "Square" is about 6-7 blocks of businesses. So, I printed out about 30-40 flyers of our schedule and "Your first class is free" coupons. I believe we ended up giving all of them out.
Lots of couples came in to. Makes me consider doing a partner yoga workshop one day.

Anyway, lots to do!
I head back to Asheville on Friday for weekend 2 of Teacher Training and I can not wait to be back in the yoga bubble!