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Monday, April 27, 2009

Yoga Time!

I got through alot of loose ends today but I am sure I will come back to a lot of work. I always feel sort-of guilty taking time off.

Email to Marney my yoga-cation partner this week:

"I am packed and ready but mentally a little on edge. Hoping I've done enough to prepare my body for this week of yoga and mentally ready after reading the material.
We shall see!"

Knowing me I am worried all for nothing. To be honest I am just ready for a break! A break filled with Yoga, meditation and learning. Plus friends, food and relaxing.
I am leaving the laptop at home but will share pictures when I return!

So I will check in when I return next week!!

Off to do lots of yoga and learning!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snake! today really Saturday?? Really??
Den & I had an eye appointment at Wal-mart. We both got new contacts which was much needed.
Came home, took a nap, cleaned the house and started the wash.
Got most of my yoga gear cleaned; including my mat. Started packing too. Because Tomorrow and Monday will go by fast and I wanted to get it out of the way.
In the midst of that a snake decided to sun on the front porch and I made Chana Masala as well.

Vegan Chana Masala (I am not sure if there is another version)

Tomorrow is meditation, yoga, reading and hanging out!
How about you??

On the Yoga practice front:
Thursday was a wonderful all levels yoga class. We started class and 1/2 way through a very loud storm broke out.
It was interesting to practice in a dim yoga studio with the room being lit up with lightening from the storm.
It was even more intersting to do savasana during the loud and busy thunderstorm.
I have to say it was the first time I've ever done that!

Other news is the Football front. The draft was today. Our former UGA bulldgog (Stafford) went to the Lions. The Broncos got some decent picks and the Saints got one in as well.
It was interesting to watch the picks.

Oh yes!!! Only 2 more days and my butt will be on yoga-cation (as Marney calls is)
Yoga, yoga, meditation, yoga, food, friends, yoga..FUN STUFF!!! to wind down and sleep!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reading Material

Work was busy and lots of stuff to do before I leave next Tuesday!
I had a Dr. Appointment today and then got in at 5:00. Played with Chai outside for a bit and then practiced.
I got in an hour practice and did the usual (meditation and pranayama)
I need to re-watch Dharma's DVD because I believe I am doing Pranayama the way he taught us in his class, but a refresher would be nice.
So a comment on my blog asked about a home practice sequence. I pull sources from all over the web, I love how much information is out there. I try to share links and such with you people often! :)
It would be fun to sit down with some of my Yogi friends to help create a sequence together. Kind of like we start a sequence and the next person adds on another posture. That would be fun.

Just an idea.
Anyway, I've been reading a lot lately (obviously preparing for the training next week) I am reading back over some of my notes from The Heart of Yoga; Developing a personal practice.

And this really really stuck out to me so I thought I would share:

Those who search for clairty can learn the difference between right & wrong understanding. In this respect yoga is optimistic through the insightful perception of problems and confusions we move toward clairty.

Change is not a direct or indirect consequence of yoga or any other practice. We can not depend on it. What we can count on gaining from our yoga practice is a quieter mind--some how the heaviness & the jumpiness vanish.
Yet something very personal & essential has to happen for us at the right time, and it has to touch us so deeply that we suddenly really want to pause, consider, and change our course of action. After that we simply go forward.
The qualit of our action begins to change. The new positive samskara becomes stronger & our mind remais clear.

In the end clairty can prevail in the mind, but experiential understanding occurs only through the pursa (the part of us capable of real seeing)
Our goal is freedom from duhka (pain), from distress & suffering. To this end we must recognize duhka, we must know that it arises out of the incorrect understanding of avidya (incorrect knowledge) and we must know that we can avoid it.

We can understand the practice of yoga--a process of examining our habitual attitudes and behaviors and their consequences.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Practice

More work issues today. My email was not working most of the day. I did catch up on several things.
I got out on time and headed home. Miss Chai was a ball of energy and was bouncing off the walls. We headed outside to play with the tennis ball and she ran off all her energy.
I had to take care of some work issues with payroll then finally got on my mat. I had an awesome 1.5 hour practice (including pranayama & meditation) I actually got up into handstand again 2.5 times. Kicking up to the wall. I am trying to come down slowly to build up my core in hopes of not having to kick up one day.
Practicing at home is just awesome. It requires me to fully go within and be present because I do not have a teacher instructing me. However, the imporatance of a teacher is huge. To ensure you have proper alighment and instruction of course. But a home practice is so important as well. I've read that it is where the "Ture Yoga" comes alive. When you are intune with your body and just flowing.
Also, practicing at home rocks because I can take a hot shower after and get right into my PJs!!!

Also my husband was super sweet and ordered me the Prana Yoga Mat! It takes like 2 weeks to come in but I am happy.
Anything new for yoga is awesome and a new mat is a plus! My orange Harmony mat made it 2 years and could go longer.
The Prana mat is longer/wider and supposed to be awesome. We Shall See!

Denver is on his way back from meditation, chai is snoring and I just got off the phone with Nicole.
Congrats to Nicole and her new member of the furry family Addy!
You have to check out her blog to read about Miss Addy!
Okay off to read and relax before bed.
Have a great night

Monday, April 20, 2009

On Time

So when you leave work on time life rocks.
Get home early, hang out with the hubby, practice yoga for an hour then meditate followed by a yummy dinner that my husband picked up from Whole Foods.
I would love to get home from work on time daily...that would be awesome.
I am trying to get back into a schedule. We will see, not making any commitments. The only commitment I am making is to get on my mat almost daily if only a few moments...sound likes a broken record huh!
Anyway, I got of work on time becuase we are having some major computer issues. Tomorrow will be busy busy!
I've been practicing a short seris at home (adding in some of the things from the fundamentals course I took.
Here is a like to can download a PDF of her Home Practice Series. It is very helpful and a lot of fun!! (Click on Lake Norman Yoga and then Your Practice)
I got into Handstand only once. But had fun trying!

I have a Chai on my keyboard...well her left cheek anyway. to read.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So we had a nice weekend.
Saturday was a lazy day reading and relaxing.
Today we woke up super early, went to meditation then we had brunch & headed to the Dogwood Festival. It was a little rainy but still nice.
The lady who sold me my new moonstone ring (to replace the lost wedding band) she also had a pair of earrings reduced in price since it was the last day of the festival. Simple little moonstone stud-like earrings. So we picked them up.
We saw some awesome art and then headed home. Picked up groceries for the week and then came home to clean.
Did lots of that..the house is nice and clean.
I got on my mat for a solid hour and that was awesome! I actually got up into handstand once!! I had to kick up but not flailing like normal.
I ended up practicing L-Shape at the wall to work on it.
Was a nice home practice.

Now we are cooking--listening to David Gray whom I love oh-so-much. His DVD is playing and it is really well recorded.
Okay off to finish the weekend with food and reading.

Yoga-related photo:

Work in Progress

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hi Internet land.
Thursday night was the end of the Fundamentals Anusara course/classes. It was a composition of all the things we've learned.
It wasa very fun & playful class. We did a lot of partner work. I really enjoyed it.
One more week until my trip to Asheville, NC for the 5 day workshop/teacher training. I am excited to have 5 days away from work/stress and to focus on yoga, meditation and more yoga. I am sure it is going to be a lot of work but fun work!
I am finishing the last chapter of one of the required books and excited.
Next week will be busy at work, but I hope to make it 6:15 All levels class on Thursdays. That is my goal anyway.

Last night Denver & I went to the Dogwood Festival. We ended up getting there with only an hour to walk around ( ALOT of traffic)
There so many amazing artists! Very very expensive but amazing.
We did find the most simple and beautiful moonstone ring from a local artist. It replaced my lost wedding band. I love it. I've been reading about different gemstones and the moonstone is supposed to mean love, balance the yin/yang and india it is regarded as a sacred stone.
I was looking at different types of stones and the moonstone is so simple and pretty.
Plus the ring was not expensive at all and locally made.

Anyway, today we are just haning out and reading. I will make lunch in a bit, clean the house and practice.
Tomorrow we are going to Zenspace, maybe go back to the Dogwood festival to see the rest of the artists that were closing up and might grab lunch.
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So last year Denver lost his wedding band (we still think Chai ate it)
Yesterday in my rush to get to work, between getting ready and rushing out the door in the pouring rain I somehow lost my wedding band. I didn't notice it until almost 1/2 way to work.
I could have dropped it while getting gas, while running to the could have been anything.
My wedding band has been loose for the last 6 months or so and it does slid off easily.
So I searched around yesteday with no luck. Denver is sure it will turn up.
However, we've been talking about getting new, simple bands. He needs one anyway.
So we might pick up something simple and not too expensive this week.

Oh well, just a piece of metal I suppose. The meaning behind it is much more important. Luckily this wasn't my engagement ring; just my band which wasn't overly expensive.

Last night was low-key. Came home, juiced watermelons, made couscous and just chilled out.
Tonight we are going to medtiation and then to pick up a few things at Whole Foods.
My toe is starting to feel better. I am going to give it one more day to heal up before getting on my mat.
I don't want it ripping back open...bandaids only stay on for so long with yoga you know...
The weather is rainy and overcast. I believe this is what it will continue to be like this week.
Not much else. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

In a Daze

This morning was just a cluster!
I have a pretty sore toe and that just made me grumpy. I almost hit someone on my way to the office and got drenched while getting gas. Follow that up with family issues.
I felt in a daze most of the day.
I ate pretty crummy too. So in an effort to change the crummy attitude I adopted I came home and juiced some watermelons then made dinner: Couscous and I had some pita chips and hummus.
My tow is still throbbing right now. Ouch!!
But I am feeling better. I am going to give my toe another day or so of rest then get back on my mat; perhaps just do some modifications!
2 weeks until Asheville...starting to get very excited. I still need to finish reading over the Anatomy section and the Yoga sutras. I mean, I've read over both but these 2 parts are a little more "deep" you know.
Denver had a really good trackday and we had a good weekend. How about you?
Did you celebrate a giant Bunny?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Upside Down

Last night I went to the All Levels Anusara class. It was a very fun & challenging class. We played around with Handstands (with the wall), Crow and a few other arm balances. I still encounter my same issue each time...the hips/pelvis. I seem to feel very disconnected from this part of my body. I am always trying to move my legs up rather than my hips which makes the pose much more difficult. I was thinking on my way into my the office this hips and pelvis sometimes feel like dead weight in yoga postures. When I jump forward in a Vinyasa for Ashtanga I had the same issue. This Dead Weight would make my jump throughs very heavy and nearly impossible.
At least I am aware of it right?

I really enjoyed class and really didn't want it to end. After class it was almost 10! So I had to drive home and shower...I didn't climb into bed until 11:30!I really need to rethink my schedule.

Mondays we are not getting home until almost 11 after Sangha
Tuesdays & Thursday I am not home until 11
I have to be at the office between 7:30-8:30 (my boss is felxible considering I work anywhere from 8.5-10 hours a day). I have an hour commute to work. So I have to leave between 6:30-7:30 from I have to get up between 5:00-6:00. Long story short...I average 5-7 hours of sleep. So finding time for my daily asana practice is a problem I've been trying to figure out for some time. I really need to find the right balance.

I struggle with balance on every level of my life. It is my personal mantra I believe (although my teacher also said "more tailbone" would be my in Tuck your tailbone more)
I even wear a necklace every day with a yin/yang on it and the word "balance" inscribed on it as my gentle reminder :)

So after this fundamental series ends on the 16th I think I will just go to class once a week on Tuesdays & go to Sangha only on Sundays. This way I can make sure I am getting enough rest & do my practice in the morning before work.
I just need to get with a good routine that will include all the things I love and allow me to get enough rest.
Balance is key right?

Okay, well tonight is Date night with Denver. I plan to get home aroun 6:00 so I can do a little yoga practice first (I overslept this morning...hence the getting to bed at 11:30)
Nothing fancy tonight; just leftovers, reading and watching some shows we both enjoy. It is our one night a week together with no other distractions like yoga or sangha.

Oh yes and Chai's follow up yesterday went well. They said she was an angel (lol) and to bring her in again in about a week just to make sure there are no complications. She is still taking her medicine like a champ.
They gave her a bath too and she smells so "puppy" like. That fuzzy girl warms my heart. to be done!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Checking in

Yesterday was a busy day at work. Plus the temp here dropped pretty low!
Today is in the low 40's but tomorrow we will be back up to the mid 60's!
Crazy Atlanta weather!!!
Last night after work I met Denver for meditation at Zenspace. My practice was a little all over the place.
After we grabbed food from Whole foods (Spinach and tofu)
I slept so good last night. I wanted to get up and practice asana before work but was so tired!
So I slept in a bit.

This morning I dropped Chai off at the Vet; she was a ham! The Vet just called and said she is an angel! LOL
And said that she is doing fine and the infection is decreasing. They want to see her in another week.

Tonight I am dropping into the All Levels Anusara class after work. I am looking forward to it.
On Thrusday we are working on backbends So that will be interesting!!

Oh yes and less than 3 weeks and I am off of work for an entire week! I am looking forward to spending a week away from work and on my yoga mat. Ashville this time of year should be nice. I am keeping an open mind for the workshop/vinyasa teacher training. It should be a lot of fun!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The weekend was busy and packed!
Friday Denver dropped me off at work. Work was very busy and I feel like I got a lot done.
Denver picked me up from work & we headed to Alabama. We had a close friend watch Chai for us. She is doing much better. She had to go to the Vet last week for an impacted anal glad. Fun stuff!! Luckily with an Antiobiotic and pain medicine she is doing better and the infection is going down.

Friday night was nice, we hung out under the stars, ate pasta that we picked up and feel asleep. It was FREEZING!
Saturday was really nice. Great weather and Denver had a good ride as well. We headed home late Saturday.

This moring Denver headed to Sangha (meditation and discussion) while I decided to stay at home. I said I would ignore the computer until I got the things done around the house that I wanted to.
I gave Chai a bath, cleaned the house top to bottom. Cleaned the fridge, litter box, did lots of laundry, folded a crap load of laundry all by the time Denver made it home.

He had an idea to juice today (kind of do a mini-cleanse) today. So we juiced lots of greens and then one fruit juice as well.

Finally I hit my yoga mat. Denver joined me for about 20 min. Doing some sun salutations, Triangle and some wide legged forward folds.
Then I continued my personal practice for a good hour and did a 10 minute sitting.
It felt good to do a full home practice. I did find that I started to slip back into primary series. But then I just let the practice guide me and I ended up doing several crescent Lunges (because I really need to work on my balance) then I did several Navasanas (boat pose). I really enjoyed Pigeon pose and then some closing postures like shoulder stand and headstand.
After I showered and we juiced some more veggies and then a watermelon.

Now we are hanging out. I am kind of hungry but it could be the leftovers in the fridge calling me. :)
I am going to read and relax.

Photos from the weekend

My weekend condo


My Husband :)

Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night was Anusara Fundamentals class. We have about 2 more classes to go. The next class is focusing on backbending (I am interested to learn a different approach to this because I've only learned one approach from Kino MacGregor and it was just in 1 workshop...I can do drop backs with help but really want to learn more about the principles)

Anyway! Last night we focused on Shoulders. Considering I carry so much stress in my shoulders & sit hunched at the desk for 9-10 hours a day it was very interesting.
I learned a lot and it will definitly change my practice. At one point the teacher made a comment that you can tell the difference between an Anusara Yogi from others because of their uttasana. And that is so true when you put the pieces together. This practice shows your arms wider, shoulders wider and fingertips engaged. It is all very intersting to me.

Also....I am SO EXCITED! My teacher decided to do another Part 1 of the Immersion during August. So I am going to sign up. By then I should have a decent understanding of the basics of Anusara; at least enough to gain some wonderful knowledge from the Immersion. It is divided into 3 parts and you can read about it here.
I am very excited!
I am so happy that my practice has led to this place on my mat. I find so much comfort, strength and clairty. I just need to get on my mat more!

Tonight we are headed to Alabama for Denver's first track weekend!!! :)