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I am a yoga student continuously studying, taking workshops and practice, practice, practice.
Currently enrolled in a 230hr Yoga Teacher Training. I hope to share that with you here.
Born & raised in the south along the banks of the Mississippi in Louisiana. Married in 2003 and transplanted to Georgia.
A southern Yogini at heart.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


So this week has been busy. Work is crazy end-of-the-month-madness. Plus my boss is at the beach :)
I taught Yoga on Tuesday and it was a fun and full class. I teach tonight and plan to get to the gym a little early to do a 20 min practice.
I have been getting up in the morning to do a short asana practice followed by meditation. It is amazing the energy you can feel when you just sit.
I had a horrible headache yesterday so I skipped going to Flow Yoga class, I hope to go to Led Ashtanga on Friday instead.

What else....we are off of racing the next month! Denver doesn't ride again until September. So that is nice.
Oh yes; and Mrs. Chai has been a handful this week. Not listening, running away in the yard (with 6 acres she really isnt' running away just running away from where I can comfortably see her. )
She isn't coming when I call her AND...AND she pooped in the house last night after I took her out and she decided to reinact that again this morning after I took her out.
But look at this face (this was her expression after I caught her this morning) you can't be mad at that face!

I am looking forward to the weekend!! Not much planned. Just the ususal hanging out, reading books for teacher training, relaxing.
Saturday is the Quarterly Zazenkai for Zenspace.
It is an all day meditation session with breaks in between. Denver and I have always been at the race track when the hold them. I am going to email them to see if they still need volunteers to help out.
Den and I are not sure how long we will stay and meditate. Maybe for an hour and take a break and come back.
The idea of spending a day in meditation really sounds relaxing to me at this point in my life.
It sounds almost blissful. Maybe to get that time in with myself and really just drop everything and re-group.
I am getting old and becoming a crunchy hippie...I just know it. But I love it.

Oh yes and Thich Nhat Hanh will be in Mississippi this September. Denver and I are 95% positive we are going to drive down and camp out at their onsite camping grounds and attend the Day of Mindfulness in English.

Well...not much else. Life is flowing, my yoga is flowing, trying to keep the energy flowing and the love too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Listening Within

Goodness! This week at work has been super stressful! I am doing my best to catch myself when I feel pressure.
Reminding myself to breath through it. In the end that helped a lot.
There is still a TON to be done and my boss leaves town next week for his well deserved vacation.
We have a plan while he is out of town. But, of course this week is filled with corporate meetings and such.
So we are trying to get caught up and a little ahead for next week.

Anyway! I kept the promise to myself...I left the office at 4:30 and went to Flow yoga Class with Jennifer.
I got to see Kathy! I haven't seen her in sooo long! I also saw Marsha which is always nice.
Class was awesome. Intense, sweat building and opening. Very opening. One of my favorite classes of Jennifer's yet!
I was able to open up a little more in some poses that were before a little more difficult for my practice.
I tried to remember the things I am reading by Erich Schiffman and it reminds you to listen internally..really listen then act from that place.
So I did that. I pushed myself to where I needed to and opened when I needed to open.
It was a much more enjoyable practice.
When I came home I played around for a bit while Denver fixed Dinner. He took a photo of me and Chai as well.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Livin' the moment

How is your weekend so far?
My Friday night was awesome. I ended my week with a very sweaty and fun Ashtanga Primary Series Practice at Balance Yoga.
After pracitce I came home, showered and hung out for a bit before passing out in bed. I was worn out!
This morning I was up and headed to the Gym. I was there 30 min. early and got in about 20 min of asana before students showed up.
It was my last Saturday class. It was a fun group and all students that have been to class before.
So it was fun. After class I talked with the new Saturday teacher.

After class I came home, showered and Denver & I headed to Atlanta. We had lunch at Green Sprout then went to Broders.
I picked up Livin' the Moment by David Romanelli.
He did a workshop at Balance 2 years ago and I enjoyed his vinyasa class. He is coming back next month and I am debating going. I may use my check from LA fitness to pay fo it.

Anyway! Today was fun. After that we came home, I gave Chai a bath then we watched some horrible movie on TV.
Now I am in bed updating the blog/journal. the house, yoga practice, relaxing!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Just a few photos from today:

Livin' the Moment by David Romanelli. Looking forward to reading and laughing!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ashtanga Practice (revisited)

**Kino Macgregor's Primary Series DVD--WONDERFUL for Ashtanga Home Practice**

We went to Alabama Friday night; Denver had a track Day on Satruday. We camped out & it was hot. I didn't sleep well but it was still fun.
Denver had a good day on the track and it wasn't too hot (cloudy)
After a full day of riding we headed home. Stopping off to get groceries and such.
Came home to find a happy Chai and did some things around the house.
I cooked dinner and we watched TV. Not too eventful. I was too tired for practice **I know--poor excuse**
I was very grumpy so I went to bed.
Today we are hanging out around the house today. I cleaned a bit, made breakfast and now just curising online. Now I am going to make a late lunch and watch a movie. Followed by some reading then onto my home yoga practice.

Lately I've been drawn back to Ashtanga. I talked to my teacher about it and Nicole too.
I am not sure if it is just an "I miss the structure and the practice in general" or just a "I miss familiarity" or "Maybe I should try it out again?"
I burnt myself out on the practice of the Primary series. I was pushing my self too hard; injuring myself and feeling very very defeated by the practice I walked away from it. I am not proud that I walked away from it.
However...I went on to other styles; searching around for something.
Perhaps it was a way to just have me look into other avenues and such. But regardless of what was behind all of it I am sort of missing the practice itself. So...I might do a 1/2 primary practice at home today and see how I feel.
I pulled out my Kino DVD's and my David Swenson - Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual
We will see what unfolds...maybe nothing. Maybe just a "I needed a taste but now I am done"...You never know.

I am also still reading Yoga ; the Spirit and the Practice of moving into stillness by Erich Schiffmann for teacher training. It is a good book so far. to eat.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yin and the Yang

I decided to not go to yoga class today on Friday. Mainly for budgeting reasons. The hour drive to the studio, the drop in fee, the drive home. I wanted to go to the studio but I need to be practical. I also need to save money for the speeding ticket I got!
I did a home practice instead.

Firday was a relazing day at the house. Watching movies & Reading.
Saturday I taught a fun group of people yoga. 9 People total and I had newbies in class!
After Class we ran some errands to get groceries then flopped at the house. Cooked lunch and watched I am Legend and then Creature from the Black Lagoon.
I did a yin practice to end my night. It was an hour of holding postures for 5 minutes and I really enjoyed the DVD. Sarah gave some insight on the meredian system and a really nice Sivasana after a 47 min. Practice.
Sunday we woke up early and headed to Zenspace for Meditation followed by tea and discussion/lecture. It was nice. We came home, made lunch, hung out and I read a TON of stuff. I finished Light on Yoga (just skimming the Asanas now) and a good portion of the Erich Schiffman Book. He has practiced with so many people But I really like it so far. It is pretty much saying he has learned from so many people and treasures all that he learned. But he never felt like he was doing yoga. He was doing someone elses yoga until he finally started listening to the teacher within.

Which brings back everything I am reading. Pretty much to sum it up: All is within. You just need to listen.

Today has been overly stressful at work. My co-worker/teammate is still out (she returns tomorrow) and my boss was out today. So covering their calls/desk/emails as well as my own. I am ready for dinner, PJs and chilling out.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Belly

So I debated on writing this...but I am going to for several reasons.

I know that when we openly share things on the internet we sort of put a bulls eye on ourselves. We are left open for both good and negative comments/feedback.

I suppose this is the Yin/Yang, the balance, etc...

So...I received 2 anonymous comments regarding the size of my belly. I deleted the first one because I thought it was silly. However, I was sent another friendly reminder this morning.

This time I decided to publish it. This person is looking for some type of response...So here is your response.

Yep. You are right my anonymous friend. I have a belly and thank you for being inclined to remind me.

First, I have to say the comment made me slip back in to my previous patterns for a split second. The thoughts of dieting, loosing weight and all the fear associated with shape and size flooded in. I was soon comforted with my other conscious thoughts and reminders that I am happy. This reminded me that where I am today is a good place. I have come so far emotionally and physically.

4 years ago I was unhealthy, overweight and not taking care of myself. But, once I truly dedicated myself to the practice of yoga I began to loose the unhealthy weight, eat whole/sustainable foods, maintain a pretty regular asana practice and deal with many emotional issues that were hidden deep. Today, I am physically in better shape than I have ever been and I am at a happy healthy weight.

I am also at a place where I am emotionally okay. I love my curvy body (and just so you know my husband loves it as well and I am very lucky)

I feel amazing, alive, healthy and strong. I no longer strive to be what others perceive as beautiful or perfect. Because I already am...beautiful and perfect today. Belly and all.

The size of my belly has no bearing on my happiness. I believe it used to. But not today.

I truly believe the size of my belly is not an indication of my willingness to be a good person, a yoga student or fully present in my life.

I also feel that God, Buddha or Krishna (or any other being) don't really care about the size of my belly. I think it truly matters about the size of my heart.

Granted we all have things we wish to change. But the path I have chosen teaches to accept where I am, love where I am.

I also feel that the size of my belly doesn't affect those around me in a negative manner. They seem to love me. I love me. My pup loves me. I really doubt my pup looks at me and thinks twice about my squishy midsection.

However, for some reason the size of my belly has prompted you to comment on my post.

So thank you my friend. For making me feel strongly enough to respond to your comment.

I felt that I should. Because women and men face individuals such as yourself daily. It is important to remind myself of these things that I've shared here.

Also, it is important for women and men to know that doing yoga has nothing to do what shape or size you are.

Yoga is for everyone!

Much Love