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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekends are for recovering!

Today I am feeling better. Slept in late and drank fresh juice. We juiced Watermelon and limes.
Then we went to the book store for a bit.
I picked up the Pocket by Pema Chodron. It is a pocket book to carry with me with a daily reading.

It is keeping my pocket version of the Yoga Sutras company in my purse. I typically read it during lunch time.
I also received the book I ordered on Amazon a few weeks ago:
Yoga and Vegetarianism: The path to Greater Health & Happiness

So after grabbing some books we came home and watched a movie we've had around for a bit. The movie was really good.
The Namesake.
After that I've been drinking lots of tea and feeling better. So I did a small home yoga practice.
Now we are just hanging out and reading.

Also Marney received the gift I made her. I sent her a yoga mat bag I made and a matching lavender eye pillow.
All out of fabric I received from Nicole.

Tomorrow is my long day! After work I am headed to the Yoga Studio for Mysore class. Then cleaning the studio after. I get home late on Mondays!


irishyogini said...

I SO love my mat bag! I can't wait to take it to class on Wednesday!

How are you feeling today?

Monxo said...

southern yogi:
thanks to your passing reference, a few hours ago I had the chance of learning of Pema Chodron, a writer/thinker I did not know. Went to BN and bought one of her books and I am absolutely and utterly impressed off my freaking socks with this lady. wow wow wow. that's some thinker you introduced me to. thanks so much. it is dark, powerful, joyful, courageous, full of Sisyphus pathos...incredible. Thanks!!!! Monxo

cara said...

great mat bag! seeing things like that makes me want to learn how to sew . . .