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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why can't every day be like today

Today was...awesome.
Woke up at 7:30- headed to Mysore. Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta.

For some reason I was very intimidated by going to a Mysore class, but I dealt with my silly fears and entered into the class room.

I've been to Urban Body for the Atlanta Yoga Conference the last 2 years. The facility is bright, beautiful, clean and has showers and lockers which is always nice. They have their own Bikram Studio as well.
The room where Mysore was being held was dimily lit but enough where you could focus on your mat. I arrived at 9:30 when mysore began. I walked in to a pretty full class. The room could hold a decent amount of people. I say we had about 10 when I got there.
Everyone was facing the center ofthe room, so that was great because it meant everyone got a wall (thank goodness for me and my headstand!)
I started in on Primary Series and the breathing in the room set the right mood and I stopped being nervous.
I have to say I got some amazing adjusments and was pushed to my limit in the good way.
Oh yes...I did drop backs with the help of the teacher!! I haven't done them since Miami with Kino.
I love how open I become. However they are still so difficult and scary!

After practice I showered and met a friend for coffee. It was a great time. We talked for like 2 hours.

Then Denver & I met up at World Peace Cafe Which oddly is affiliated with the author of this book he is reading by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
So he picked another book in their gift shop.
It was a really nice day!
We came home and I gave Chai girl a bath. Then I finished sewing this yoga mat bag!

I think it is a very pretty fabric and it is prize for WoYoPracMo
I hope whoever wins this really loves it!
So today has been wonderful and I hate for it to end and tomorrow is back to work!


irishyogini said...

Oh my gosh, the mat bag is BEAUTIFUL! I love days like that, and I don't seem to get enough of them! It was so wonderful to talk to you last night and I hope you're having a great day!

Lalapoo said...

Hello from WoYoPracMo
i love that mat bag, its looks great! I am trying to make my own yoga mat bag but its not coming out as great as yours

Flo said...

Hi ladies!
Thanks for the compliments. I really like the bag (wish I had more of the fabric to make one for myself)
I am trying to make the bags larget than my mat just in case the yogini that gets this uses a longer or thicker mat!