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Monday, March 2, 2009

Good-Bye 20's Hello 30's

Today has been nice.
Denver made me breakfast and tea.
My co-workers took me out to lunch, each person took a moment to say something they like about me (a thing they do here on your birthday)

Each person pretty much said they liked that even if I am having a bad day I do not project that negativity around the office, also that I am always willing to help someone.

Those things made me smile and relized I've come a long way in my life.
I also received a $30 Gift card to Target from one person.
Tonight we are headed to seated meditation and dinner.
I tell you what...I am so tired.It seems that every day around 5 until 7 I am sooo freaking tired. I think I need to see if the anemia has come back.
I am not sure why I am so tired.
I average 6-7 hours of sleep each night and I do not eat much sugar. (I read all labels and try to refrain from the different forms of sugar that they try to disguise) Why am I SOOO TIRED???


Brooks Hall said...

Happy Birthday, Flo!

cranky housefrau said...

because 6-7 hours of sleep is not enough!