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Sunday, March 8, 2009


How is your weekend??
My weekend has been nice and relaxing.
But to back up a bit I went to yoga on Thursday at Nirvana. It was the level 2 class and only 2 of us where in the studio. Much different than the super packed class last week.
The flow of class was fun and challenging. I even got up into to crow (using a block) for a mila-second.
Then we worked on side crow and that was fun. I've never been shown how to actually get into these postures.
Typically you never address these postures in a Primary Series class and in a Vinyasa class I've never been shown different ways to actually set up and get into these before. So that was fun!!

Saturday I woke and gave Chai a bath (she stunk!) and I did a home practice mixingup Primary Ashtanga and some fun arm balances and inversions. It was nice.
Denver helped me with one Dropback and then I got up the courage to do one on my own (on carpet just to be safe)
All wen't well. I can drop back (with lots of fear) but can' t come back up. All of this was followed by a 10 min meditation and then off to shower for the day.
Denver & I ran some errands and enjoyed the sun. It was nice. We at Mexican for lunch and then headed home.

Today is just relaxing and hanging out. Just what I need. We juiced our veggies and fruit that was starting to turn so lots of juice.
Denver had Beets (not me...I don't like it, I tried it twice and not for me)
I had Oranges and lime and followed that with celery and other greens.

Here are some photos I uploaded over the last few weeks:
Snow from last weekend!!

I've updated my meditation space with 2 gifts from friends.
One is the painting from Nicole. It fits perfect and then a plant that my co-worker gave me. She has been going through some things and she has been out. I've been helping out in her absence and this was a lovely gift I found on my desk last week. It is so pretty.

Backbending in gratitude.


Tracy said...

I love the painting of the Monk and your plant is lovely! We missed the 8" pf snow here while we were in Asia...and I am not complaining one bit about that!! xo

Brooks Hall said...

I love the dots on your walls. How cheerful! And that southern snow looks good.