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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, I was told in a very nice manner from my yoga teacher that I should think about incorporating Core work into my yoga asana practice. She was very kind when suggesting it & I thought it was nice of her.
I know I am weak in my core and it is such an important area considering it holds everything "together"
So I am trying to think of some Asana postures to do this with. So for my fellow yogini's what would you suggest?

Last night we went to Zazen. I had a very nice meditation. I had some odd things come up. During the first sitting my right eye teared up and ran the entire 30 min...very odd. Then in my last sitting my left eye did the same thing!
I had a few moments of complete calm, centered and those moments were lovely but I felt myself tense up and kind of feel scared. The whole sitting was "interesting" to say the least.
After Denver & I grabbed a little food and headed home.

Tonight is Anusara All Levels and Thursday is the Fundamentals class. I am trying to make it to 2 times a week.
I talked to Nicole last night for a long period of time. She understands where I am coming from and it is nice to know some people "get" it.
I've decided to focus my studies on Anusara for the moment. To trust in it and see where it takes me. I am going to practice one style, with one teacher and truly dedicate myself to this and see what unfolds. I am looking forward to some awesome workhops this summer by some pretty well known Anusara Teachers. So that is exciting.
I am missing John Friend in NC this year; it is too soon & I can't come up with the money that quick. So maybe next year.
I've always bounced back and forth with what I want to study, where I want to go, if I want to teach.
But honestly, where I am at right now I really feel compelled to study and work on my personal practice. I am going to put off teacher training. I think there was a reason I couldn't find the "right" place to do my 200 hour.
So for now I am going to practice and maybe in a year or so I will reconsider teacher training.
For now I want grow and learn really dive into this practice.

So enough about yoga. My sister and her 2 little boys are going to be here this weekend! I haven't seen her in almost a year so it will be nice to see them!


YogaMama said...

I am in exactly the same boat... considering teaching but mostly moving forward to deepen my understanding of Anusara. There is so much to learn! And it's like the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know as much as you thought!

I have a couple of "core" poses that have worked really well for me. I work on using my core and keeping my hands free in Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana. Also in Sirsasana and Sarvangasana I will practice bringing one leg down to the half-way point and holding. I also practice Navasana a lot and after holding it for a few breaths I will cross my legs and bring them into my chest and then lift myself up on my hands. Just my two cents. Hope it helps.

Best of luck on your Anusara journey! I'm excited to see how it goes for you!


Flo said...

It is great to know someone is dealing with the mix of emotions as myself and also a passion for Anusara.
Thanks for the suggestions on postures. I think the ones you suggested will help.

RB said...

For your core: Plank plank plank! And Chatarunga. When you start to apply the principles of anusara in the arms and legs, these poses will work your core a lot harder.

Another one is dolphin pose, and chair pose.