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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yoga &.....pain

I had a busy but productive day at the office.
I also made it to the $5 community class at Nirvana. It was a small class but really fun.
The teacher was a recent Teacher Training Graduate from Nirvana (which makes me happy because I am pretty positive I am going to take my 200hr training)
The teacher was light-hearted and really fun. It was a nice way to unwind.
During class my sciatica didn't hurt at all. I kept in mind the alignment principles I learned last week and from what I've been reading; I need more work with this though. However, I felt awesome until about 20 min later it kicked back in.
I am a little worried because I am off of the steriod anti-inflamitory tomorrow and still in pretty bad pain when sitting.
I find myself standing at work rather than sitting.
So I am debating on calling my Dr. back and asking to get an x-ray or more anti-inflamitory.
Or should I go to my Chiropractor by my office to see if there is anything he can do?
The thing is I spent over $70 last week for my Appointment and perscriptions. So I am coming out of pocket again.
But the important thing is to getting this under control on a daily basis.
I would rather sit in pigeon then at my desk.
What would you suggest...because I am tired of trying to figure it out!

In different news:Chai is smelly!
She is getting a bath when I get in tomorrow!
Tomorrow night is date night; so cooking at home and hanging out with the husband. to bed!


cranky housefrau said...

Flo, keep in mind that while the anti-inflammatories will decrease the inflammation, they are not addressing what is causing the irritation of the nerve, so chances are, untill that is figured out, the pain will keep returning. the x-ray could be very informative. i still vote for acupuncture, or possibly physical therapy. and really pay attention to the position your leg is in and what muscles are supporting the joint when you aren't in pain ( hey, that's free, right?).
good luck to you!

C.K. said...

Hi Flo,

Try the S-I joint and sciatica exercises from the book Back Care Basics.


Flo said...

Thanks ladies!