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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dancing on my mat

Last night yoga's class was fun. It was the $5 community class which is taught by a recent yoga teacher training graduate. So I was able to get some insight on her take of the teacher training; which was all positive. The teacher last night teaches at 2 studios in Atlanta and was very fun.

She had a light-hearted approach to our practice. She asked what we wanted to work on and any certain poses we wanted to incorporate. Of course I asked for hip openers.
It was a fun class and I enjoyed it.
I think I will make that a weekly thing when I can swing it.

I am really really looking forward to tomorrow. I start the fundamentals course for Anusara.
I missed the first class last week but the instructor said she would review what they went over and I can still join in.
I don't want to sound so cheesy but it is interesting to me how just one class did something to me. I mean I left the class kind of confused. But I was confused and intrigued enough to start doing some more in-depth research on this practice. I spent several days reading everything in my yoga journals and on line.
The practice itself is new. Anusara was formed in 1997 by a Westerner (John Friend). The principles blend together 2 very old yoga approaches: The Alignment of Iyengar & Tantra.
This is what I know so far; I have a lot to learn. The more I read and the more I allow myself to open up to this practice it seems to suit me and feels right. There is something drawing me to the practice. So I invite it with no expectations and see what will unfold.

It is just an openness I’ve never felt before. I am in no way dismissing the Ashtanga practice.

As a very good friend said to me “We all have a Gateway practice that leads us where we need to be” I think she said something along those lines.

I owe a lot to Ashtanga. It brought me here, made me stronger physically and emotionally. But personally I want to do a practice that I can continue as I age. Something that is nourishing to my body, mind and Heart. I know Ashtanga offers that as well. But for me it is not doing that.

Perhaps this is why I keep trying to find the “right place” or the “right practice”

I am also happy that Nirvana teacher training isn’t training in one style. It describes itself as “Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training” so that is wonderful!

As far as Anusara I do like the philosophy behind it.

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Koeppchen said...

Hi Flo,
i think it's always great to try different styles of Yoga. It helps to keep your mind active.