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Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Align and Harmonize with the flow of grace"

Yesterday Denver & I ran a lot of errands, then came home. I cleaned the house and we watched a Documentary on Thich Nhat Hanh.
Today was really nice. We got up super early, showered and headed to Sangha for Zazen. I was so tired and kept phasing in and out of my meditation.
After zazen we had tea and a discussion on Dogen and Zen. It was pretty interesting.
Then we were off to my private/theraputic session with Gina. It was wonderful. I was given key things to work on which will help my sciatica, my asana practice and my overall health. There were some things I knew I had to work on (such as my core and that my tailbone is always flying out there) but there subtle things I've never noticed before that with minor tweaking make a huge difference.
By they way...who knew Tadasana could be so darn difficult???
There were some things that my body (or my mind) rebelled against. It is hard to explain but my upper back was not listening and neither were my ribs. Nonetheless it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun.
There is something about this practice that I can't explain. I am only...what...a week into learning this and it just seems like it has been my friend for years? Like it melds well with me. Not sure if it is too soon to call it love, but hey I fell in love with my husband in the oddest way so why not?
Gina was so kind, encouraging and honest. All the things I believe a great yoga teacher should be. (Just my personal opinion)
So after practice Denver & I headed over to World Peace Cafe for lunch then home!
We took a late nap with Chai and now we are just being lazy. I am going to cook a pasta casserole and read.
This past week I ordered some items online so I can learn more about Anusara at home and apply it with my personal practice.
I ordered Anusara 101 (which is on backorder) and I received my book Yoga from the Inside out
Gina let me borrow her copy of Anusara 101 until mine comes in. I am interested to listen to it.
I have started the book Yoga from the Inside out and love it so far.

Yep...I dive right in when I am drawn to something an want to learn. I am geeky like that.
But it makes me happy.

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RB said...

I have tailbone issues, too! I wonder if it's connected to the sciatica? One thing I noticed over the weekend in practice was that if I work on dropping my tailbone/outer spiral, it helped get my knees in line.

I think that's what is so compelling about anusara: when you get it, everything totally lines up.