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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pain pain go away

So my Dr. will not call in another anti-inflamtory for me without seeing me. I totally understand (although I am not asking for pain medication) However, when I asked the nurse asst. if they could just refer me to someone for the back pain so they can do the X-ray of my lumbar to see if anything is bluging or might be the beginning of one.. her response was "She will have to see you first"
Well that bothers me because:
A) They've seen me 2 months ago for this
B) I really don't have the money to pay a Co-Pay and then be referred to someone to do the X-rays and pay another Co-Pay
C) I don't have the time to take away from work to go to their office and then take off more time to go the other Dr. for the X-ray.

They also said I would have to call back tomorrow to make the appointment because the front desk was gone for the day. I mean I could understand if I wanted pain meds they need to see me...but I just want a referral to a Dr. to see if there is perhaps something pinched. That way I can rule it out totally and seek some help elsewhere.
I just don't want nerve damage.
Today my left leg is numb from mid thigh to above my ankle. The top of my ankle is throbbing and I have spasams in my left buttocks (sounds so weird)
But this sucks. If this is going to be a chronic issue where it can flair up then I can learn to live with it. I just need to full prepare myself and know what to do. I just need to rule out the chance of spinal issues before I press on any further.

You would think that even with my on/off yoga practice (averaging 2-5 times a week) that I wouldn't have such issues. But go figure!? Regardless of how I got to this point; time to figure out what to do.
I LOVE hearing co-workers tell me that it must be something I did in yoga to pull or strain myself.
I doubt it. My family has a long history of back issues and disk problems. I also have slight scolisois that was diagnosed when I was in elementary school.
I really need a good Chiro, Doctor and Massage therapist...and the salary to afford them all!

On a different Note!
Denver went to Zazen tonight. I skipped out because I can sit for that long with pain. I stayed at work to get a little caught up.
Okay well I am leaving to head home and relax!! Have a great night!!

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Brooks Hall said...

Hang in there, Southern Yogi! I hope you feel better soon.