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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Open up...

Playing around online waiting for my sister to arrive!
I was reading an inteview with John Friend on Yoga Journal and when I read this I giggled:
YJ: Do you have a favorite muscle?

JF: The psoas. It's critical for opening the pelvic and lower back area, which affects every other part of the body.

I giggled because what brought me to an Anusara class was just that...Sciatic pain caused by my psoas. And over the last few weeks in class our teacher keeps mentioning unraveling the psoas. I think the reason I am falling in love with this practice is more than the heart language and the grace aspect; but because this practice is both beautiful and practical. And the piece that I keep remembering our teacher say in class last week "In this pratice it is believed that we can open up to enlightenment at any moment, that it isn't something we have to practice and practice to eventually reach....enlightenment is available to you every day." Now that to beautiful.

Also while googling and reading online I came across an interesting Anusara teacher that has MS. I find her interesting considering all the issues Denver has had with is legs and the inability of the doctors to find out the root cause. I read some information about her to Denver and he seemed to be interested. It is sad that so many of us has "unexplained" issues or pain and end up "accepting" it and just learning to live with it. Oh the teacer I was referring to is Hillary Rubin. Check her out on her blog (with podcasts) and on her websiteI am not a Mess

So I am just hanging out. The house is clean, I made Banana Bread this morning. I didn't all. I have had some issues sleeping this week. It might be the Zyrtec! But what do I do. I have the worst pollen allergies. I can walk around with a throbbing head and unable to think or take zyrtec and not sleep? There has to be a balance right?

Last night after cleaning Chai, the house and vaccuming up lots of dog hair (Chai is shedding horribly!) I had a nice 40 min practice using Ausara 101 that my teacher let me borrow since my copy is on backorder. I followed that up with a 10 min. sitting mediation.
Denver & I had dinner and then hung out. I talked to Nicole for a long time until 1:00....told you I couldn't sleep! I miss that girl! But she had a blast at Dharma's class at the midwest yoga conference yesterday. So it was nice to hear all about it!

On a side note, anyone work with Chakra Balancing? I wonder what that is like? Wonder if I should look into it?

Oh yes and the results are back from my x-ray (not sure if I updated) but my spine is fine. No Disk issues! So after ruling that out and learning what I have over the last few is my psoas.

Okay, off to read and wait.

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