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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mixed Emotions

Last nights class was great. It was difficult and I had to keep my ego in check. I couldn't figure out why it was so hard for me to "get" Utthita Parsvakonasana
Applying the principles of inner and outter spirals, tucking my tailbone, lengthening my spine--all of it helped me with the structure of the pose.

We did a lot of work with inner and outter spiral in several postures.
We worked with rooting down through the legs and that felt empowering.
We also worked with widening the pelvic floor and moving the thigh bones back in most postures.
With widening the pelvic floor we worked with our Root Chakra a bit. Something I have not paid much attention to. I only worked with the chakras in Dharma Mittra's classes. So It is nice to revisit that.
Symbol for the Root Chakra. I find the symbols very beautiful. I've only learned the basics in regards to the Chakras. They always seem so illusive to me.

It is difficult for me when it comes to working with my pelvis/pelvic floor; apparently I keep everything tightly bound in my pelvis. So it is freeing and difficult to do this. I am exploring and enjoying it. In a sense I am loving it and also frustrated with it.
I am frustrated because it is like I am learning all over again and it really makes me think..."What have I been doing on my mat for the past 3 years?"
I know some people say; when you are ready the universe shows you the way (be it to your practice, your teacher, your spirituality)
I mean I love my previous practices; but I think I might have been lazy with my practice. Just assuming the postures and not activly working with them. I just showed up on my mat; did the asana and was totally out of alignment.
So when they say "just show up" it is only part of it. It is the first step in creating balance; to show up at your mat. But as referenced in the yoga sutras: “practice in all earnestness”

I believe I thought I was doing this….but thinking back I am not so sure anymore.

Is it healthy to question everything? I feel confused….

So I am having mixed emotions. Go figure.

So ; non-yoga realted. I have been eating like Crap this week. Sweets and just crap.
I am not sure where these bad cravings came from; I like to think I eat relatively healthy but goodness my diet this week has been shameful! I must clean up my act.

Also my sister and her two kiddos arrive late tonight/early morning. It will be nice to spend 2 days with them. I think we are going to the Aquarium on Sunday. I am looking forward to it!
Well it is rainy and kind of yucky today. I am going to venture out at lunch and pick up some fresh fruit and soup for lunch; changing my eating pattern now! :)

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Tiko said...

I find I do that too sometimes...most time I eat healthy, and then all of a sudden it's like a week goes by and I'm on this junk It's weird. But, you'll get back on track.

Have fun at the's great! :)