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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Piriformis syndrome

Yesterday I worked until 2:00 then headed to the Doctor. I wanted to make sure I wasn't messing with any disk issues and see about getitng an Steriodal anti-inflamatory. He said it was something to due to my piriformis pain. He did get me an anti-inflamatory. The OTC non-steriodal ones like Aleeve really didn't do anything. After a day of them I can tell a difference already. I am not having spasams nearly as much.
He said that if I have another flair-up they will do an X-ray to ensure there are no issues with my back and once that is ruled out then I might do phyical therapy for this muscle.
However, I am going to do some reading and searching online for what I can do on my own. I just need to make sure I am doing a lot of internal rotating of my thighs and working on my hips. The thing is; ever since I was a little girl I walk with my feet pointed kind of like a "V" shape with my heels together. My mother had to put me in special shoes to try and correct the problem. I still sort-of do this at times. It is comfortable for my feet to do that.
I just need to be more aware and concious if I am externally rotating my thighs and hip area.
Of course siting all day shortens these muscles which causes irritation.
I slept in late because I couldn't fall asleep last night. Today is kind of rainy so I plan to shower, grab groceries, clean the house and read. I also will get in some time on my mat as well. Might just be a late day practice.
Tomorrow is Zazen super early and Sundays are my day to just relax without any expectations.

I pulled out my cookbook Vegan with a Vengence to get some ideas. I haven't been cooking a lot lately with my work schedule. This week I want to aim to cook at least 2 meals. Perhaps 2 casseroles.
Have a great weekend!!


cranky housefrau said...

i get sciatic pain, as well. two things that i find that help are making sure i am really engaging the psoas and the adductors when i do navasana (as well as all the standing postures where i tend to roll to the outside of the foot out of laziness). and also acupunture has been helping.

Flo said...

I was curious if acupunture or acupressure would help.
question about your practice; do you only practice Ashtanga?
I am on the primary series and trying to work in some more hip openers to help with this.

cranky housefrau said...

yep, just ashtanga. i find what aggrevates the sciatic nerve for me is too much outward rotation of the femur when i am backbending. so if i am too sloppy with my up dog, that is usually what does it. i do have pretty open hips, but it took a lot of extra work in my self practice, getting to the point of being able to get myself into supta kurmasana with out an assist.
the acupunture has been amazing though.