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Friday, February 27, 2009


So how has your week been?
Mine has been up and down! My back up at work has been out for 2 weeks due to a family emergency. She and I are a team and when one person it out the other one feels the pressure. So work has been very stressful because I DO NOT know her job but did the best I could.
The main concern is that her family gets healthy and that she is okay.
Monday night Denver & I went to Zenspace for Mediation. We did the seated meditation and walking meditation. It was calming.

Denver & I also Caught a stomach bug on Wednesday. It was really horrible. I had to tough it out for work (due to being shor staffed)
Luckily it passed in 24 hours and I was better by Mid-Day Thursday.
Thursday I went to check out Nirvana Yoga. A few reasons I am interested in this studio: The teacher was so nice on the phone, they offer a 200 hour Hatha Teacher training that is pay as you go; so not too intimidating with the amount you have to cough up, they are not affiliated with one particular style of yoga, they offer meditation and pranayam in their classes.
So I went on Thursday night to the Level 2 class (I had planned to go Wed to the All Levels class but was wayyy to sick to go)

So the class was...absolutly perfect!
There were many levels in the class and the focus of this class was on backbending. I even got in one dropback with assistance.
The studio was small but so comfortable eventhough it was PACKED.
I really (I mean REALLY) liked the teacher and her approach. She incorporated Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation, good tunes and eye pillows at the end. It was wonderful.
So I am IN! I am pretty certain this is the place I want to do my 200 hour teacher training.
I sent her my application and she emailed back with some really kinds words about my writing style. I am also filling out an application for the Scholarship (crosses fingers)
If I don't get the scholarship I will do all that I can to save the money I need to go. It is pay as you go so I can work my butt off and hope for good bonuses. But I made up my mind!! :)
Even after one class!!! It was that great people!

Today was also really nice. My co-workers brought me on a birthday shopping spree at NY&Co becuase they know I NEVER buy clothes. So it was a really nice treat for all of them to pitch in and take me shopping. I got a lot of nice work pieces!
So this weekend will be laid back. How about you???

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