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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where I am going...

Have you ever had and A HA! moment? Where you start noticing thigs that fall into place unknowingly? See I've been struggling with my practice and spiritulity for several months--acutally I believe an entire year. Trying to find my way, questioning everything from styles of yoga, types of teachers, trying different religions and so on. Luckily I have wonderful friends like Nicole to drag me to Hindu Temples, try classes from teachers like Manju Jois and Dharma Mittra.

I have a husband just as curious and we've tried 3 buddhist temples in our area. I am very very lucky. I have had an aha moment though. I've always been drawn to buddhism and the buddha. I've collected figures for my home for years before entering a temple. When Denver & I were talking to the zendo instructor and we were asked "how did you come to buddhism" My husbands response was "Flo has these buddhas all over our home and it seemed interesting to me so we picked up some books to read"

And we did. Our Dharma Books have grown in size. Although I am not getting as much reading in as I would like since I am finishing up on my reading for the upcoming training. Denver is devouring books and we are learning from each other as well as going to the Zendo for meditation practice and participating in the Sangha. It feels...right.

So my a ha moment was that this has been in my life in some forms...I never paid attention to it! And this week after trying Anusara something was stirred in me. I talked to Nicole and told her I was "confused" that I didnt know how to explain it.

Well this confusion picked at me and I found myself reading online the last 3 days anything I can find, I went through my Yoga Journals and found 3 really good articles. I just wanted to learn more.

I am also moving towards the idea that I can still hold onto my love for Ashtanga while mixing in some alignment principles from Anusara and why not sprinkle some Dhrama Mittra Yoga principles on top!
This equates to feeling more balanced (my own personal perspective)

And see I met Marney. Another Yogini who talked about Stephanie Keach. I've heard of her before but didn't really know much about her.
So I did research and Marney & I decided to sign up for her 5 day intensive to see if we liked her training. Plus how could I pass up 5 days of yoga, teacher training and times with a friend for pretty cheap!
Since I can drive there, we are splitting the cost of our stay and we have the equipment to cook daily. So a cheap and fun yoga trip! PERFECT!!

So today while reading the material required for the
5day intenstive with Stephanie Keach...something struck me. It seemed somewhat aligned with Anusara.

So I went to her site to find out this:

Spend some time relaxing your mind and restoring your body's energies with Stephanie Keach and a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. We will explore meditation, pranayama, gentle vinyasa, vigorous vinyasa and core strengthening in a fluid and playful manner. Stephanie pulls from many traditions, including ashtanga (series 1, 2, & 3), anusara, and zen buddhism to excite and invite openings on all levels.

This is my yoga A HA! I didn't realize Stephanie practiced Zen until I read more of her book and learned this in the meditation chapter. Which I found inspiring since after trying Zen, modern kadampa and Shambhala/Tibetan; I feel more connected and at peace with the Zen approach.

Then today I read the above, that Stephanie Mixes Ashtanga (my personal practice) alongside Anusara. Now to me this is a sign of some sort!! Or perhaps I am reading way too much into this.
However, I feel that paying more attention to my alignment will only benefit me considering my recent issues with sciatica. So I am even more excited for this trip now! :)

I also remember my first ever yoga teacher at the Newnan Health & Fitness Center. After taking her classes I asked what style of Hatha yoga we were practicing. I was very very new and she only called her classes Hatha yoga. She said she mixed Iyengar & Anusara. I didn't know anything about either practices until now. I feel her classes (now looking back) were much more Iyengar. But it is funny how things come back around.

I still intend to do my 200 hour training with Leigh Ann at Nirvana yoga. Because she has also studied with Stephanie, the studio is here in Georgia so for finances it my best bet.
Plus I really really like Leigh Ann and her style...she doesn't have just one defined style. The first class was vinyasa, the 2nd class was much more Iyengar. So I think it is a nice mix. And finally, I feel very comfortable there. It also feels....right.

I think I finally have some idea of where I am going. Now to keep up with my practice and let everything keep unfolding with no expectations. I find that when I really do this, when I really let go of any expectations and just things unfold, it unfolds how the universe intends. That doesn't mean I am a by-stander in my life. It just means I have no expectations good or bad. It is difficult to do. When I have expectations for anything, I always feel short changed or frustrated.
So the alternative is much better. If you've read this far...thank you for your interest.
Om Shanti

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Tracy said...

what an awesome "A HA" moment indeed...I just love those! Sounds like you are on the right path my friend~ Shanti