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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You know I really need to invest in some good yoga blocks! I have one foam one but could use 2 wood blocks like these from Barefoot Yoga

I could use these for working on Crow and of course my jump throughs and backs for vinyasas.
Blocks are handy!
Denver & I are also trying to meditate regularly at home. I can sit on a pillow or cushion for about 20 min then my body starts to rebel. At the Sangha they supply benches. I've noticed that when I use a kneeling bench I can sit for longer periods with little to no strain. So I am debating on investing in a kneeling bench (Denver might also make one similar to this one from

Speaking of meditation. I made it last night for the last 30 min of practice then Denver & I stayed for discussion.
It was nice; I really like the Monday night group.
We grabed a quick bite and then we went home. It was a long drive because there was a horrible accident. We ended up taking back roads and got home around 11:30.
All the while I chatted Nicole's ear off the entire drive. I love having someone who understands my yoga blabber.
My back is still wonky today. Not as bad as yesterday. I plan to go to the community yoga class tonight and take it easy with forward folds.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Tracy said... husband make each of us those meditation seats..only they have lavendar padding on the seat area. i LOVE mine!! maybe your husband could make them?? they are really cheap to do...
i love my blocks too..good investment!! sending you healing for your back~

Eco Yogini said...

I also love blocks! I am so not stretchy and they allow me and my fiancé to achieve the full potential of the pose.
I really love my cork block from Half Moon- it has more give to it than my bamboo block. It's heavier too- which is nice for not moving while I need it and making poses like 'boat' more challenging (holding between the knees). :)

Good Luck with Anusara btw- I've been interested to find out more about it for a while! :)

Blessings :)