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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Road Trip Guide

Today has been nice. The weather is kind of yucky though. Rainy and Chilly!
I am getting good use out of the pretty Hoodie Nicole sent me for my birthday!
Speaking of my birthday; my sister sent me this book as a gift.

I started reading it last night as a nice way to unwide in bed before falling asleep. The funny thing is very early in the book Sadie (the author) starts referencing Aligning, Allowing, Acting. Which mirrors some of what I've learned aboutAnusara from articles and searching online.
So it might be a pretty interesting book.

Today Denver & I went to Zazen for our 1.5 hour medtiation. After we stayed for tea and hour of discussion. It was really nice. I really like ZenSpace; they are kind, informal and they do not charge for meditation or discussions as most other temples in our area charge $10-$15 for classes, mediation and discussions.

Speaking of finances:
I did receive a bonus (thanks to my very thoughtful boss!)
So I might sign up for the Anusara Fundamentals 6 weeks class to get a little more feel for the practice to see if it something I want to pursue.
Today we also stopped at Borders. Denver had a Coupon so I picked up Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain. It was a great buy so I picked it up in hopes of doing some of the postures in my personal practice for my sciatica. I watched it today and it also mirrored some of the postures we did in Thurdays class.

So I am opening up and giving new things a try. I am also starting to save for yoga teachter training. I am not sure if I will have enough saved this year. So I am crossing my fingers! Even $25 at a time is something right?
I am trying to make sure I can still continue classes while saving for training. It is difficult; however I still need instruction from a teacher; especially with my recent issues with Sciatica. I don't want to further irritate it.
So I am going to manage the best I can saving for training and trying to get to a class at least once a week. I think it is important.
Not much else going on.
About to read and relax.
Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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RB said...

That is great that you're starting anusara. I actually have a hip/leg problem too that sounds like it might sciatica. Anusura has been very healing--because you never get in a pose that you can't support. Nice to meet you too!