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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Recap

The weekend has been exactly what I needed.
Friday night was fun. Headed to mysore class. Worked up a great sweat! I was placed in the middle of the room which means I was away from my comfort zone with a wall.
I went with it. I had a really great practice, nothing spectacular asana wise. Just a nice practice and the energy was great.
I made my personal goal of remembering all the asanas in the primary series and even had assistance with a dropback. I did however fall out of headstead (remember I didn't have a wall) I fell over and the face I saw was my teacher (helping the student in front of me) she was smiling ear to ear saying good job. It was so funny I had to laugh..and it was really loud. The poor guy in front of me was probably freaked out since he was in backbends. Whops!
After class I cleaned the studio and headed home.

Saturday we ran some errands & ended up being gone all day long. :(
I did find a nice small/tiny chest for my simple meditation alter.Denver helped me clean the house and fold laundry. We made tacos and nachos at home and watched TV and read.

Today was so nice. Denver decided not to go to Sunday Service; said we should try next weekend.
So today we made juice, and read on the sofa together for 3-4 hours. It was great. We made tea, then I made a pitcher of Red Tea with Chamomile and raw honey (yes I am still on the vegetarian route these days. Not so much vegan)
I did fit in a 30 minute short form out of my Davd Swenson manuel.

I have so many books I am reading. I am almost done with What Make you not a Buddhist, I am also reading Yoga Body, Buddha Mind. Personally I LOVE this book so far. Mixing Buddhism and Asana. Just the right book for me to reading right now.
It is keeping me from my texts that are required for the workshop in April. So I am going to get a little reading in with those tonight.
So, it was a nice weekend.

Tomorrow is Mysore class at 5:30. Tuesday & Friday is Manju! Tuesday=Primary Led Class & Friday is Mysore!
Here are some photos from today!

Juice!! Watermelon, Cucumber & Limes

My beloved juicer--cleaned up

Leftovers for the composte


My small meditation alter.

Yoga Space at home

The two reads I couldn't put down today

I really like Yoga Body, Buddha Mind

Home Practice out of David Swenson's book

30 Min Short Form


Anonymous said...

Nice yoga space!@! Where did you get that wood to put the mat on? Is it just a sheet of plywood?


Flo said...

Hi Tara!
My husband and I paid about $30 for a nice heavy thick piece of what they call "furniture quality" wood. It is finely sanded and very thick. It is a great thing for my practice since I need help with balance and carpet just slows me down!
I say invest in a heavy sturdy piece that makes the jump backs and throughs easier on you.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I find myself consumed with jealousy for your yoga space! Well, I'm exaggerating, but seeing as how I usually practice either at the bottom of our bed, or in our little living room, I'd love love love a space like that just for me! Property prices over here in England just ain't gonna let that happen!

Ho hum!

D x

Flo said...

I understand. We were lucky to find this piece of property. However we are out in the country. Which has its good and bad.
Since we are vegetarians and such we venture into the city almost every weekend. I also have an hour commute to the yoga studio and to my job. But the property is 6 acres and was pretty cheap in comparision!!
But with every good comes it compromises.