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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekends: Yoga, Buddhism, Learning, Realizing

So how was your weekend?
Mine was pretty relaxing. We are on a budget due to the septic tank issue we faced last week. So we did a lot of hanging out around the house.
Saturday I cooked Lentiles and rice, we read, goofed around online, gave Chai a bath and just had some time together.
Today I cleaned the house, made 15 bean soup, we watched Milarepa the movie.

Then we watched the Teachings on Milarepa and I really enjoyed Jestun Khondro Rinpoche
And Pema Chodron. Both of their discussions were ineresting to me. Speaking of Pema; Denver picked up "Don't bite the hook" so I downloaded it onto my MP3 player to listen to on my commute during the week.
I am still getting some of my texts read for the workshop in April. I need to finish The Heart of Yoga just keeps staring at me.
When I am done I am going to finish Yoga Body Buddha Mind...I REALLY liked the little bit I did read.

So a lot of self study at the house lately. I believe we are going to head to a beginners meditation meet up at ZenSpace this week. It is 30 min. to meet the instructors and see the space. Still learning the differences between Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.

So, what else....

Oh yes yoga! Today they annouced the winners for January WoYoPracMo. The winners were individuals that kept a daily yoga practice, if only for 10 min.
I donated the yoga mat bag and eye pillows I posted last month. And apparently I won a Nirvana candle too! :)

Yesterday I took off of yoga besides some stretches for my hamstrings and some work on my headstand. I think I jacked up my left hamstring again. It is pulling my lower back a lot. I spent a lot of time downloading stuff on my MP3 player. I pulled out some CDs that I've had around and never really used. So I downloaded OM Yoga's music for practice and downloaded the Yoga Bootcamp Box by Baron Baptiste

It has 3: 20 Min guided practices: Vinyasa Flow, Hip Openers, Core
A 10 min guided meditation
A full 75 Vinyasa flow class.

So since I was very sore from Friday's Mysore practice and needed some inspiration; I thought..."Hey I can do 20 min"
So I did the 20 Min Vinyasa Flow followed by Sivasana and meditation.
It was a nice light practice.
I plan to get up in the AM and do another 20 min practice before work. I think it might help my mood.

Oh related. So I emailed my teacher to tell her I am not sure I can still clean on Mondays. I am not making it home until 11:30 most Monday's, showering and hitting the bed at 12:00...up again at 5:00/5:30...It is making for a long day and more stress. The Basics class doesn't clear out until 9:00 so I am finished up by 10:30...just very tiring.
So I asked if I can clean on Friday's after mysore in exchange for just one class a week.
I hope it isn't a bother for her.
This leaves only one option for me; really truly sticking to my daily home practice. So I am embracing it; just as it is.
Enjoy your week!

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