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Thursday, February 5, 2009


It is that time again. The period of every few months I debate on doing a detox or a cleanse or a fast of some sort. But, every time I commit to something and never finish it. Typical habit for me. But one that I would like to break.
I try to do research online and to determine if I should create my on 2-3 day plan to just cleanse. My main focus of a cleanse is clarity and just to clean the slate. I feel heavy lately and have been eating to much over processed foods. I always find that going with a set plan that is out there never works for me…so coming up with my own seems to be the best route, but I get confused. Do you eat just veggies, do you only drink fresh homemade juice, do you fast for an entire day.
I sometimes wish I would have studied nutrition…
Anyone out there an expert or experience in this area and could give me a little insight on a 2-3 day cleanse I could easily incorporate into a busy life that requires me being at a desk for over 8 hours a day?

So on the yoga front: I did a small restorative practice last night. I was not in the mood; something is all mixed up the last few days. Can’t put my finger on it, but I just feel very down or something. But it will pass.
We also have a call in to get someone out to the house to look at the septic tank and get it pumped. It seems like every 2-3 years that septic tank likes to rear its ugly little head and erupt literally and figuratively. Because financially it is the worst time. Taxes, Denver’s birthday & my birthday is one week apart at the end of this month and we have to pay for our car tags…but hey, all we can do is practice patience (as my husband is teaching me with his calm attitude…I hope to achieve that) I get very irritated and freaked out when surprise things like this pop up.
Okay…much to do!!


Candy said...

Cleansing, detox, fast -- all can be difficult. I have done the master cleanse twice now. I personally like it. Leading up to the cleanse (usually I will start on a Friday) I go to a smoothie fast. I pack my smoothies with lots of good stuff. They are pretty filling and of course tasty. I will do that for 2-3 days and then the master cleanse for 3 days. By the time you start building back up to your "regular" eating you will have cleansed for a week at least. I also find that having a buddy to cleanse with helps a lot!

Monxo said...

I am sending goooooood vibes from the Bronx. Heed to Denver's coolness. Coolness trumps. Everything else passes. Keep on keeping on! Peace. Monxomak

azcarey said...

Hi Flo! Yes you can do your own thing on a juice cleanse. Though fresh juices are best, you can keep them in an airtight container for use throughout the day. You can read my article called "Short Term Juice Cleanse for Detoxification and Better Health" at For more info visit my blog My Juice Cleanse . Good luck!

A Bhakti Yogi said...

Try this has some great info on it, recipes, etc and a plan to follow for a week :)

Or just cut out wheat, corn, soy, dairy, sugar, caffeine and meat for an extended period.

A great time to do detoxing is the last week of Feb or first couple weeks of March...just before Spring Equinox time.

AKA Queen of Cleansing :)

Flo said...

Thanks. Several wonderful suggestions! I think I might do the 7 day Detox it seems pretty easy to stick with (because you still eat :)
Thanks for all the suggestions