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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Checking In

Friday night was fun. After work I headed to Mysore class at the studio. There were 3 different accidents on they way; and pretty bad.
I texted my teacher to let her know I was stuck in traffic.
I showed up 15 min. late but she left the back door open. Apparently it was a very small group of us so my teacher was practicing with us. Only 5 of us total. I unrolled my mat in the middle of the room; took some deep breaths to remove the 1.5 hour commute and began Primary Series.
I had a decent practice my lower back was stiff so I only got in 3 full backbends before calling it quits and modifying with bridge.
I did finish the entire series and had a really long Sivasana.
After practice I noticed I bruised my left pinkie toe pretty bad. I landed on it wrong in a jump through if I remember right.
Today it is better.

Speaking of today; Denver & I exchanged cards, showered and headed to our V-day Lunch at Green Sprout
Then we went to a few shops; tried out a few Zafus but didn't purchase anything. We also stopped by the Buddhist Center to take a tour and talk to their resident teachers and 2 buddhist nuns were there. They were so nice.
Then we picked up some groceries and headed home.
We made dinner together and are now relaxing.
Tomorrow I plan to practice, read and relax (and clean the house too)

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