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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love having a day off!

Catch up!!
Friday night I headed home to make my husbands birthday special. I got all the goodies to make his favorite Chinese Dish a vegetarian version of Ma Po Tofu. It was yummy but a little too hot for me...which means it was really hot!
Then I got Red Velvet Cake for him with a 3 7 to put on it.
He loved it. I also got him Saki, he loves that stuff...I do not.
It was nice evening!

Saturday I had to work at the Real Estate Auction. I wasn't thrilled to work on Saturday. But it was a very interesting experience! I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. There was a lot of energy there.
Then we met up friends for another birthday event. Denver & I split a pizza. There was a lot of conversations. Then we headed home around 10:00.

Today was...just great. We woke up at 7:00 headed to meditation. We did the public sitting and then met with a meditation instructor. We then went back in for seated meditation and walking meditation. It was nice.
After we met up with Jenn (my sister-in-law) we ate at this really yummy Indian Buffet and I found the dish Ioved so much when we visited Philly. I found out the name is mutter paneer. I must find a recipe!
It was sooo good! We all ate a lot of food (Denver loves Indian food now, that rocks!)
Then we went to a sari shop. Denver got me a very pretty bracelet, earrings and a very pretty Tunic sorta like this one. But the one I have is prettier :)
We also went by the Farmers Market. I purchased more dried Lavender for eye pillows, we got lots of fruits and veggies to juice and some other goodies for the week.

It was a nice day!
After we got in we played with Chai and put groceries away.
I did get on my mat...finally!
I did 5 A & B Sun Salutations, a few standing, some twists because my back is stiff. I warmed it up a bit and did 3 backbends, Shoulder Stand, headstand and Savasana.
I did a 10 min meditation to close it all up.
Now we are hanging out with a snoring Chai Pungus and about to watch a movie.

Oh yes. I finished another book on CD this week. It is by Pema Chodron "When things Fall apart"
I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it!!

I am now downloading another book (I get a lot of "reading" done on my 2 hourly daily commute!)
I am starting The Way of the Bodhisattv.
Tomorrow night is Meditation at Zenspace so I plan to get my asana practice in before work.
I am also going to drop into a new studio this week!! Wednesday night Nirvana yoga offers a 7:00 all levels class.
I am going to check it out. I am debating on there teacher training later this year. All depends I suppose.
Okay off to watch a movie.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

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