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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Busy

This week has been so busy!
I am already burnt out and a LOT of work still to be done.....and.....I am working on Saturday!
Oh well.
We did go toShambhala on Tuesday night. It was a really nice time. We missed the meditation but stayed for the Discussion, snacks and talking. We plan to go back on Sunday for the newcomer meditation. However, we keep gravitating towards Zenspace.

Anyway, the little time I've spent on my mat this week has been light. I am ready to dive in this weekend.
However, I am missing something from my ashtanga practice. I feel that incorporating some meditation, pranayama and some more hip openers feel really nice and compliment my practice.

Speaking of practice, I haven't been up to Balance since last week. I am not keeping with the cleaning schedule and not sure I can keep up with it. I am thinking about it and will be sad if I am stepping away from it...again. But I have to balance everything. And the commute and coming home so late gets a little rough for my schedule. I have to be honest with myself. So I am thinking about it all.
I do plan to stop by Nirvana Yoga on Wednesday. It is pretty close to work and they have a very open format for their classes and offer an upcoming teacher training that really sounds interesting to me.
I talked to the director and she was so kind. I am going with no expectations and see how I feel about the class, atmoshpere and such.
I am still excited for Stephnie Keah's training in April. It is a week workshop. What else could be better...Yoga, yoga, yoga. Friends, food and meditation. I plan to fill that week up with good memories.

So, not much else.
Denver's birthday is tomorrow. I have some nice little things plan. I will share details after (just in case h e reads this) :)
Okay, off to bed.
Have a great weekend!!!!

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