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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Manju Jois

This is a picture from my trip 2 years ago to practice with Manju for the weekend at Kriplau.

I will get a new picture on Friday!

Practice last night was....difficult.
I don't know how else to explain what happened on my mat for those 2 hours.
I walked in and the newbie that has been practicing weekly at the studio was nervous. It reminded me of my first yoga trip with Nicole to Kripalu to practice with Manju. My first "big" yoga trip and first time practicing with a "true teacher" I was so nervous.
I told her no need, she would be find. She said "Everyone in here is better then me." I responded (Just like Nicole did 2 years ago) There is no "better" in yoga. Her reply was yes there is.
I left it at that.
Manju walks in and the 15 of us set in on our journey through the primary series. I was in the 2nd row right behind my teacher Marsha and 2 other teacher at the studio that I admire very much.
When he started his typical Sanskrit count (which felt so familiar and claming) up my arms went and the ignition on my brain started as well. The ENTIRE practice...I mean the ENTIRE time my mind would NOT shut up. Not even once. Well there was on minute where I found myself drifting with the class by listening to the deep breathing that vibrated the room. But my brain butted in and quickly resumed its internal conversation, completing pushing me out of the way.
It was rude and had no respect for me or my practice. It was very annoying and I found myself trying to put a lid on all this chatter but it boiled over and was uncontainable.

Back to the Asanas...I drifted in and out of each posture, noticing his little changes with the breath count and that he didn't do a lot of adjusting this practice. Maybe just watching everyones practice to see where we are as a collective?
After 4 Navasanas (which were held very long) he went into Second Series which threw me. Several of us Primary Series students went straight into setting up for Kurmasana. He kept repeating a posture in sanskrit (mind you he was right next to my mat) he repeated it 2 more times and gigled. He said "SUPRISE Second series"
THe ladies in front easily rolled up their mat and started Pasasana. We went through the Second Series up to Supta Vajrasana (with a partner) then onto closing.
Sivasana was a disaster yesterday. But is all just practice.
After class he hung out with the teachers and I was around because I swept the floors and was heading out. He chatted a bit about his father and about his teaching style.
Then off I went. I will be back on Friday for Mysore with Manju. I haven't done Mysore with him before, only led class. So this will be a treat.

Once I got home we ate dinner and hung out. I showered and then we came across some issues with our pipes at the house. We hope to get it resolved. Long story..and I really need to finish my to do list for work.
So that is all for now.
Have a wonderful day!!

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Jodi said...

Hey Flo, This all sounds very intriguing! I am glad you are so happy with your classes.
Tag, you're it. Go to my blog to see what you are supposed to do next.