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Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Check-In

Sorry I haven't posted in some time!
Happy Holidays!!!
My new job started this week. Training went well. Now I am in my actual office starting on Monday.
Granted it is a short week and I am looking forward to that!
Yoga training is going well; lots of changes within my personal practice. But all wonderful thus far.
Tyring to get a handle on my eating habits. Seems to be my number one obstacles: Making the ample time for asana, meditation and pranayma as well as healthy eating habits.
I am hoping by the end of my 9 month training these 2 things will have sorted themselves out.
Other things are sorting themselves out like my style of practie and meditation.

Meditation has been my most "progression"
I am enjoying meditation at home and also with Bhante at the Sangha. So all in all that is a plus.

So the holidays. Just me, Denver & Chai. Our tiny family.
Lots of food and hanging out. It will be nice.
And you? Any great holiday plans?


Sarah said...

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Greetings from Germany!

Emma said...

back up north in frigid, but homey, chicago. seeing old and loved-on friends. what better for the holidays?