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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last night I dropped-in on the basics ashtanga class at Balance.
It was a review of the Ashtanga Sun Salutes and Standing Postures. I really enjoyed how each pose was taken a bit slower with a bit more concentration on getting into the pose instead of quickly.
It reminded me of my first taste of Ashtanga. I had signed up for the 6 weeks basics course that Balance offered. Going to the class two times a week for six weeks. That seems ages ago yet my practice feels like I've started over at the beginning. I am almost considering signing up for the basics course again! But the finances are there right now.

Practice was good. I enjoyed it alot.
After practice my teacher and I grabbed a bite at Whole foods and chatted a good bit. She is always very inspiring to me.

I do have sad news though; I am not going to be able to go to the Week yoga workshop with Kino & Tim next year. I just can't justify the money for traveling to Miami and staying a week. I am sad, but know I will have other opportunities. I am hoping I can atleast attend some of Kino's workshop at Balance in February.

Well, Christmas is upon us!
I am off of work Thursday & Friday. I might do a bit of work from home this weekend. But 4 days to be with my husband and pup.
Tofurky, Homemade mashed potots, practice, movies, reading. I am all about enjoying this 4 day weekend.
Okay much to do at the office. Must be productive.
Happy Holidays!

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