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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chemistry of the Heart

Kino MacGregor Podcast- One question raised regarding finding a teacher and this vibrated with me so much:

"The teachers are around us. When we find a Yoga teacher, a higher teacher- there is a chemistry, a chemistry of the heart. When you see them your heart opens and you trust them for reasons you don't understand. You are a better person in their presence and your practice is better. It isn't about them (the teacher) but about the space and experience they represent."

Another bit I liked:
"If you get too caught up in the technical details of the experience. It is like we are focusing on the problem instead of directing the mind to the solution. In terms of your yoga practice; sometimes we can over think the technical application of the how and sometimes we just need the feeling of it in order to move into a whole new way of moving the body.

Same thing with our life; sometimes if we focus on the practical details we literally spend time on the problem and if we just focus on the solution or the feeling of everything working out then the practical details will sort themselves out. Not that we are not going to do them, it is just that the solutions will fall into place more naturally"


Tracy said...

i re-read this again...and it resonated even more~ thanks for posting! xo

Claudia said...

How interesting, yes it resonated with me too.