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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Most of us are practicing being outer focused first, tending to the needs and requests of others before ourselves. Then somehow, it seems that there isn’t enough time left over for ourselves. That’s because we’re doing it backwards. To truly love and be friends with others, we must practice loving ourselves well and fu...lly on a daily basis. —SARK, American author and artist

It is December!
I do love this time of year. Granted it doesn't get bitterly cold in the South. But the weather is still changing, I can feel an end to this year approaching and new one creeping up.
I like that feeling.
Looking back on past 11 months of this personal life has had its ups and downs. My marriage is great (which has taken a lot of work to get to this point and I am very grateful for that)
But my job, my practice, my family and so on. All of that was in a constant state of change. Granted everything around us is always changing. But these aspects of my life were much more noticeable.

I have to make some decisions recently that were in the best interest of my wellbeing.
Having so much on my "to do" list left very little time to concentrate on the things that are very imporant to me such as my new job, my yoga practice, yoga teacher training, my family (as small as it may be it takes work!)

So after weighing my options and a lot of thinking- I've decided to step away from Teaching at Lotus. The studio is beautiful and a great place to practice yoga/meditation at in Newnan. I hope it continues to build a great base for the community. I hope to also be around to see them grow!

I have a lot on my plate and it is causing me to short change the things that really need my attention. I hope to return to teaching in the future. Perhaps just one day a week. But I do not intend to take on a full teaching schedule at this time. I need to be realistic and do what I know I can comfortably handle. After all I do not want the students to be short changed nor do I want to short change my personal practice or studies.
Right now I am hungry to study and learn.
So I am sad to leave that yoga bubble of like-minded people and such a beautiful space. But, I have to be honest with myself.

In other news, I am excited for this weekend. Headed back into the mountains of Asheville to learn Iyengar & Anusara. Should be fun and looking forward to checking in with all the other yoga trainees!!



I've been lurking here for awhile...enjoy your blog and...

I can relate to reorganization and prioritizing.

I have had to do my own lately.

Just last week, I was offered a new job within the non-profit I am currently working for and it's an important job to me and a wonderful opportunity, so I want to give it my time and attention.

I also teach yoga and in order to be fair to my students and myself (and my own practice) I find it necessary to step back just a bit. To NOT sign up to teach every series and every new class offered...

Here's to knowing and honoring our limits and abilities :)

Tracy said...

I Love that you know your limits and repect them~~that is what makes for a very balanced life my friend! OM~~~

Sarah said...

It is so important that we know our limits and respect them but it isn't easy...