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Monday, November 30, 2009

Holidays, Mysore Practice and Training

Are you ready for the Holiday Season!? Chai wants to know? We are...because we don't do much really. And we like it that way.

What a lovely long weekend filled with the beginning of the holidays.My husband and I are a tiny little, him and the dog (Chai)
So I cooked a really good Vegan/Vegetarian Meal of: Tofurky, Greenbean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Home Made Mashed Potatos, Stuffing, Vegan Gravy, Pumpkin Pie.
Then we put up our Christmas tree.

Besides that- we relaxed, cleaned, watched movies and read a lot.
On Sunday I went to Mysore with Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta held at Yoga Samadhi
It was a packed mysore room (for our Atlanta Ashtangi's- we are a small group I believe)
But the teacher was wonderful. Some really good assists. I always enjoy the energy of Msyore Practice. It is one of those things where at times I think "Why do I do this to myself" and then I remind myself..."because in at the end of practice you feel amazing. Clear headed, light and blissful. So it is worth the sweat and work" And it truly is.
Nothing beats the high of Ashtanga yoga (for me anyway) I am a totaly yoga junkie lol.
I have teacher training this weekend. Headed back up to Asheville and living in the yoga bubble for 2.5 days. That is always wonderful. This weekend is focused on Anusara and Iyengar styles. So I am looking forward to seeing a little more in depth of these practices.
I've taken Iyengar classes and I took an Anusara Fundamentals 6 week course. So this will be a nice refresher on both styles.
Okay...well much to be done. Enjoy your week!


Rachel said...

Awww look at little Chai in her Santa hat! So cute!

I am definitely excited about Christmas already. We're putting our tree up next weekend :)

Happy holidays Flo x

Emma said...

I'm thinking of moving to the south (N Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, or Arkansas). How's the yoga scene?



Flo said...
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Flo said...

It is a growing community here in Georgia. What part are you considering?
I am originally from Louisiana- their community is small as well but it is growing. I find Georgia is a bit more progressed. And NC (Asheville definitly) is a super yoga/health bubble!

Emma said...

Asheville, Research Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), GA, New Orleans, Fayetteville, everything in between :)