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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Working World

There is no slacking after vacation....No Way!
Yesterday was intense at work. Email issues and catch up.
Today I had a 1/2 day in order to get my CPR certification (in hopes of teaching yoga once a week or so at LA Fitness) I have an audtion with LA fitness this week. I am not sure if I want to take it yet or if they want to hire me yet. I am going to feel it out when I meet the director and go from there.
Also I might teach once a month at the Zen Center I go to. It was an idea from one of the members there. However, I have not commited to anything as of yet and I am not sure I will either. I am not going to lock myself into anything.
My main focus is to continue to grow in my personal practice and to learn, learn, learn. I want to read as much as possible and practice. If I can teach once a week that would be nice. But it isn't my main focus.
I took Monday off the mat and went to Meditation with Denver and then grabbed dinner at Whole Foods.
I am still playing catch-up at work. I am sure that will continue on until Friday!
Chai needs a bath, I need food and I am pretty sleepy today.

One more thing about the audition; I haven't had a moment to even think of what to teach, so I will wing it. Or as Stephanie says "Just trust"
By the way; I have a complete yoga-crush on my teacher! lol She is inspiring to me and so down to earth. So be prepared to read more yoga-related gushing and all that positive stuff! :)
Oh yes and my new yoga mat from Prana is awesomeness...just VERY heavy! But it is super sticky and very wide! I love it.
Not much else going on. Just getting used to being back in the working world.

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