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Thursday, May 28, 2009


So the past few weeks have been super busy!
I am slammed at work; which is a blessing. But with teaching and my own practice I've had very little time to update.
This week has been fun and crazy. I can't believe Nicole will be here TOMORROW!
I am so ready to see her, hug her and hang out! Will be fun!
Saturday we are going to my yoga class, a craft fair in Atlanta at Olympic Park Called ICE, then to seeEligthen Up! and also eat Vegan Chinese food.
Sunday we are heading to Chattanooga for the day then to the Master Class with Stephanie Keach! :)
Super excited for the entire weekend!

Yesterday I went to Flow Class at Balance. It was exactly what I needed (after some encouragement from Nicole)
Fun music, fun vinyasa.

Tonight we had a small class. It started off pretty funny. The fire alarm went off & they had to evacuate us. Apparently the Men's Sauna set it off. We had to wait for the Fire Department to declare it safe for return. The students asked if we could just start late and go over...there are no classes after mine in the mind/body room on Thursdays so why not!
So it was a fun class then we ended in Savasana. As I was leading them through a body scan before really diving into Savasana a young woman came over our PA system shouting "test test 123"
Apparently the Cycle room was connected to our PA. I never use a Mic so I had to run clear across the gym in my yoga pants and no shoes to tell her. It was very funny.
We did get into a deep savasana and then after had a good giggle.

Lately I have been reading more on Mindfulness. The concept of mindfulness practices in life are interesting to me (could be the Buddhist side perhaps)
I am reading a book Called The Mindful way through Depression
I've struggled on and off with this in my life (and every women in my family has also) It is just a good book to keep on hand. I am really enjoying it. It comes along with a CD with mindful mediation and mindful yoga practice.
I am also listening to Mindfulness for Beginners on my commute to work.
The theory of using Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for people who suffer from stress, pain or depression is interesting to me. Giving me more ideas of the things I want to learn about and share with others.

I am back at work with lost to do but wanted to quickly update.
Hope all is well!


Sarah said...

I love all your book recommendations. Thank you for sharing!


Wayne said...

Good book - I have found a lot of healing in mindfulness meditation.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're enjoying the Mindful Way Through Depression. The book is a gift. I studied with Zindel Segal, one of the authors, and teach an 8-week workshop in New York City. Basically, the workshop it closely related to the book. Perhaps someone in your area also teaches it. The workshop is called Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

Donald Fleck DCSW

Flo said...

Thank you Donald!
I googled Atlanta Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and I did find some courses but they are all past dates. I will keep my eyes peeled. I would love to weave this into yoga as well. In hopes of doing workshops for depression.
That is a long term goal and much much in the future. I have a lot work to do within myself first.