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Sunday, May 10, 2009


I miss Asheville--
This weekend was productive so far. Saturday I got up and headed to get my brakes done. It was not the most pleasent experience. I called on Wed. to make the 7:00 AM appointment and got the price for my car (it is a 2006 Jetta TDI--so not every dealer carries the parts for my car for some reason)
Anyway, they had the parts and they gave me the quote. I told him the issue; he responded saying it was probably the rear brakes because most TDI's wear through those faster. Sure enough 4 hours later and only replacing the rear brakes cost me $160...which was more than the $99 he quoted on the phone after we had this in-depth conversation. Frustrating.
Denver & I ran errands while they had my car. We went through 2 garden centers discussing ideas for plants and such. We will probably stick with potted plants this year; Cucumbers, Kale and maybe watermelon (talking to Nicole made me want to grow these...because we juice those items so often)
We might get the plants that are already sprouting to help speed up the process.

After getting my car we picked up some groceries and came home. Denver tried to fix our lawnmower with no luck, so we ended up having to weedeat most of the yard to keep it in check until he can get it fixed or get a new one.
I then cleaned the house top to bottom--which really needed it. Finally I showered and relaxed. We watched TV and stayed up for SNL. It was actually funny this time!
This morning I made homemade Banana Panckes, Hashbrowns and Chai Tea. We are trying to stay away from too much soy. Everything has soy in it. Denver has to get some tests run with rheumatologist. We have been going to so many doctors and having so many tests run. The symptoms sound familiar to his issues: Joint pain, muscule fatigue and inflamation.
His hips and lower back always hurt and his muscles give out and get very very tired.
So lets cross our fingers we get this thing figured out!! I did read that sometimes symptoms can be reduced but reducing intake of Soy. So we are giving it a go.

On the yoga front: I am starting to teach next Saturday at LA Fitness. It will not be every weekend because of Denvers race schedule. But I think I will be teaching a weekday 6:15AM class and a 5:15PM class. It will be different having to modify to teach in a gym. Not sure if starting with OM and ending with namaste will work and I know which poses they want me to avoid. Plus no props. I never used to have props (Ashtanga) but spending a week in Asheville we always had them. So I have to re-remember how to do that. When I was teaching to co-workers they didn't have props either.
I am a little nervous, hoping people gaine something from it...

Also yoga related:
I love my Prana mat. I just wish I could lug it to class with me but it is heavy.
I miss Asheville and Stephanie. I didn't think I would have liked Asheville that much and I went there not thinking I was going to love Stephanie's Teaching style. I went open-minded but wasn't really going thinking I would come back like this.
I don't know what the heck happened over those 5 days, but I really can't wait to practice and study with her again.
I think they put something in the water! lol
I keep trying to tell myself I can save up the $3000-$3500 it would take to do her training next year (for tuition, lodging and food) either in Asheville or Chatnooga. But it is typical me to not be patient. It frustrates me, but I have no other choice and I truly need to just practice and trust and see how things fall. If it is meant to happen next year then it will.

I am off to relax and read and maybe some practice (my right arm is a little sore from being over-used while weed-eating yesterday)
So maybe a practice without too many chattarunga's.


Eco Yogini said...

We were looking at the Prana mat for Andrew... it's wider which would be good for him and made of rubber... also great. How does it perform? :)

Nice to hear that you like it!

Flo said...

So far it is performing great. I haven't had a chance to break it in with a really sweaty practice. I hope to do so this week. But the grip is awesome and the width and length is great. I don't have to move it around to get it closer to the wall for handstands and such. It is perfect...just heavy! :)

Eco Yogini said...

thanks!! :)