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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Workin' up a sweat!

Hi internet people!

How is life so far this week?

It has been insanely busy at work. I’ve been a little too stressed out. I don’t like that…but then again who does?

Last night I headed to Balance Yoga for their Flow class. It was a packed class and we built up a lot of sweat!

We did a fun sequence and I enjoyed myself. I was happy with my progress with a few postures.

I am able to get up into Bird of Paradise (not the best picture of it). I did it on both sides (with my leg bent/not straight) which is an improvement.

I also got so excited because for the first time I got into Crow for all of 2 seconds with both feet off the ground!!
Or is this crane? I have no clue what it is.

That was huge for me because I’ve been trying that one for a long time (along with headstand)

I also got into side crow on my left side. My right side is almost there. It isn’t the picturesque pose…but it is a work in progress.

I can’t find a picture of it online. For me I am balancing my left thigh on my left and right elbows. Is that even side crow?

All in all it was Fun!

It is interesting how much your practice changes and progresses when you are consistent and present.

However, ever since I washed my Jade harmony mat it is loosing it’s grip to the floor beneath. It keeps bunching and moving when I jump forward and back. I know my Prana mat is larger and heavier and takes up more room in the class room. But it is the best mat so far. I need to try it out with a nice sweaty practice to ensure it doesn’t slip and it not…then I am bringing that mat everywhere!

Tonight I taught the first Thursday Yoga class at the gym. I had 8 people total. It was a good turn out.
We had a student who just found out she was pregnant and wanted to try yoga plus students of all ages.
It was a fun class. Mostly everyone was new (besides my 2 students that returned from Saturday) So we stuck with Sun Salutes, some standing postures, seated, core work, bridge, twists. The usual stuff you find in class.
I did have 2 girls come into class about 15 min. late (which I am learning is typical with a gym atmosphere) so no biggie right. If they miss the warm up then they just meet us in down dog and pick up where we are.
They missed the opening: are you new to yoga? Any injuries? We practice barefoot. Etc...
The only thing (which I am sure with most classes but I never noticed it before) is that they talked alot; kind of beneath my cues.
They would giggle when I would demonstrate the different modifications. Then after being in class 20 min....they left.

t was odd to me.

After class 2 students stayed behind to chat and said they enjoyed it. :) That always makes me feel good.

I talked to our new coordinator and got the okay to practice in the room after my yoga class on Thrusday (they aren't using that room on Thursdays)
So I turned the lights out and did a 45 min. practice. It was fun! I had music and all. I did 3 A and 3 B sun salutes. Some pigeon poses, some core work (becuase I need it too!) Handstand, Forearm stand and headstand with the wall, some backbends then closing.
Yummy! I did have some on-lookers. I tried to be in a corner of the room where no one could see me. Oh well.

I chatted with Nicole on my way home; I hope she likes her new haircut.
I fed chai, took a hot bath and now relaxing. Waiting for Denver to get home from Zenspace so we can eat a late dinner (that is the bad thing about our schedule)
I am ready for my weekend. How about you?

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Eco Yogini said...

hmm interesting. My rubber mat always gets super slippery after I give it a full "bath" in the tub. I thought maybe it was just my brand- lotus wear...

What I've found helps; no more full dunks, using a bit of water and vinegar, towel and squish as dry as possible: build up more sweat to stop slipperiness.