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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Worked late tonight.
Talked to Nicole on my way home.
Made dinner and loved on Chai.
Read a little and wanted to share this:
"Remember, Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are. The practice of yoga is the practice of meditation - or inner listening - in the poses and meditations, as well as all day long. It's a matter of listening inwardly for guidance all the time, and then daring enough and trusting enough to do as you are prompted to do..."
Erich Schiffman

I purchased his book while in Asheville. I have all the books minus The Breathing Book and The Back Care Basics for Stephanie Keach's 240 hour teacher training. I am still thinking about different things. But it would be neat to at least read the matierial in the next year in case I do decide to do the teacher training in 2010.
Besides that, I am excited to get back on my mat this weekend and possibly dropping-in for weekly Anusara classes.
Also, I did get the teaching position with LA Fitness. I will teach a few times a week. Just a basic 1 hour yoga class. So that is a challenge and the brand new facility opened up last week literally across the street from my office. So I get a free membership as well.

Not much else to report besides my house needs a good cleaning and I am getting new brakes on Saturday! :)

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