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Sunday, April 19, 2009


So we had a nice weekend.
Saturday was a lazy day reading and relaxing.
Today we woke up super early, went to meditation then we had brunch & headed to the Dogwood Festival. It was a little rainy but still nice.
The lady who sold me my new moonstone ring (to replace the lost wedding band) she also had a pair of earrings reduced in price since it was the last day of the festival. Simple little moonstone stud-like earrings. So we picked them up.
We saw some awesome art and then headed home. Picked up groceries for the week and then came home to clean.
Did lots of that..the house is nice and clean.
I got on my mat for a solid hour and that was awesome! I actually got up into handstand once!! I had to kick up but not flailing like normal.
I ended up practicing L-Shape at the wall to work on it.
Was a nice home practice.

Now we are cooking--listening to David Gray whom I love oh-so-much. His DVD is playing and it is really well recorded.
Okay off to finish the weekend with food and reading.

Yoga-related photo:

Work in Progress


Eco Yogini said...

Fun! Moonstone is a beautiful stone. I have a ring that is a moonstone ring- lots of nice cleansing emotional energies- balance. :)
Also- I LOVE David Gray's voice as well! He has such a fantastic, unique sound.

RB said...

I saw your album on facebook! Your practice looks great. Also, can you talk more about what kind of meditation you do...I'm looking to explore but need a place to start.

Flo said...

Eco- I got to see David Gray a few years ago and he is amazing!!

RB- Thanks for such a nice compliment! I keep working on my practice and I beginning to love it more than every. I had a very difficult time with Ashtanga. I loved body did not! So I fought all the time with myself.
Since trying Anusara this has shifted, there is a huge change. Some of the photos on face book are from when I was practicing Ashtanga.
However now I am fully embracing it! Even if I am cranky getting up super early!
About meditation: My husband and I have tried a few different types of meditation classes and going to different temples in our area.
We've ended up studying & practicing Zen meditation. We sit with a non-temple affiliated group that have a very small room and invites anyone to join regardless of the type of meditation you practice. We read a lot of Dharma books and enjoy Thich Nhat Hanh alot.
Let me know if you have any questions!