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Monday, April 20, 2009

On Time

So when you leave work on time life rocks.
Get home early, hang out with the hubby, practice yoga for an hour then meditate followed by a yummy dinner that my husband picked up from Whole Foods.
I would love to get home from work on time daily...that would be awesome.
I am trying to get back into a schedule. We will see, not making any commitments. The only commitment I am making is to get on my mat almost daily if only a few moments...sound likes a broken record huh!
Anyway, I got of work on time becuase we are having some major computer issues. Tomorrow will be busy busy!
I've been practicing a short seris at home (adding in some of the things from the fundamentals course I took.
Here is a like to can download a PDF of her Home Practice Series. It is very helpful and a lot of fun!! (Click on Lake Norman Yoga and then Your Practice)
I got into Handstand only once. But had fun trying!

I have a Chai on my keyboard...well her left cheek anyway. to read.

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