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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Practice

More work issues today. My email was not working most of the day. I did catch up on several things.
I got out on time and headed home. Miss Chai was a ball of energy and was bouncing off the walls. We headed outside to play with the tennis ball and she ran off all her energy.
I had to take care of some work issues with payroll then finally got on my mat. I had an awesome 1.5 hour practice (including pranayama & meditation) I actually got up into handstand again 2.5 times. Kicking up to the wall. I am trying to come down slowly to build up my core in hopes of not having to kick up one day.
Practicing at home is just awesome. It requires me to fully go within and be present because I do not have a teacher instructing me. However, the imporatance of a teacher is huge. To ensure you have proper alighment and instruction of course. But a home practice is so important as well. I've read that it is where the "Ture Yoga" comes alive. When you are intune with your body and just flowing.
Also, practicing at home rocks because I can take a hot shower after and get right into my PJs!!!

Also my husband was super sweet and ordered me the Prana Yoga Mat! It takes like 2 weeks to come in but I am happy.
Anything new for yoga is awesome and a new mat is a plus! My orange Harmony mat made it 2 years and could go longer.
The Prana mat is longer/wider and supposed to be awesome. We Shall See!

Denver is on his way back from meditation, chai is snoring and I just got off the phone with Nicole.
Congrats to Nicole and her new member of the furry family Addy!
You have to check out her blog to read about Miss Addy!
Okay off to read and relax before bed.
Have a great night


RB said...

I really struggle with committing to my home practice, and focusing when I'm there. But I have a rib injury and can't go to class. If you ever did a post about some of the sequences you go through/how to plan a home practice that would be great.

Flo said...

RB- I can do a post about setting up a home practice. What a great idea! However you just need to modify accordingly. I am sorry about your injury! How did that happen and has a teacher helped you come up with Ideas to modify your practice? Sounds painful.