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Sunday, April 5, 2009


The weekend was busy and packed!
Friday Denver dropped me off at work. Work was very busy and I feel like I got a lot done.
Denver picked me up from work & we headed to Alabama. We had a close friend watch Chai for us. She is doing much better. She had to go to the Vet last week for an impacted anal glad. Fun stuff!! Luckily with an Antiobiotic and pain medicine she is doing better and the infection is going down.

Friday night was nice, we hung out under the stars, ate pasta that we picked up and feel asleep. It was FREEZING!
Saturday was really nice. Great weather and Denver had a good ride as well. We headed home late Saturday.

This moring Denver headed to Sangha (meditation and discussion) while I decided to stay at home. I said I would ignore the computer until I got the things done around the house that I wanted to.
I gave Chai a bath, cleaned the house top to bottom. Cleaned the fridge, litter box, did lots of laundry, folded a crap load of laundry all by the time Denver made it home.

He had an idea to juice today (kind of do a mini-cleanse) today. So we juiced lots of greens and then one fruit juice as well.

Finally I hit my yoga mat. Denver joined me for about 20 min. Doing some sun salutations, Triangle and some wide legged forward folds.
Then I continued my personal practice for a good hour and did a 10 minute sitting.
It felt good to do a full home practice. I did find that I started to slip back into primary series. But then I just let the practice guide me and I ended up doing several crescent Lunges (because I really need to work on my balance) then I did several Navasanas (boat pose). I really enjoyed Pigeon pose and then some closing postures like shoulder stand and headstand.
After I showered and we juiced some more veggies and then a watermelon.

Now we are hanging out. I am kind of hungry but it could be the leftovers in the fridge calling me. :)
I am going to read and relax.

Photos from the weekend

My weekend condo


My Husband :)

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