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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Upside Down

Last night I went to the All Levels Anusara class. It was a very fun & challenging class. We played around with Handstands (with the wall), Crow and a few other arm balances. I still encounter my same issue each time...the hips/pelvis. I seem to feel very disconnected from this part of my body. I am always trying to move my legs up rather than my hips which makes the pose much more difficult. I was thinking on my way into my the office this hips and pelvis sometimes feel like dead weight in yoga postures. When I jump forward in a Vinyasa for Ashtanga I had the same issue. This Dead Weight would make my jump throughs very heavy and nearly impossible.
At least I am aware of it right?

I really enjoyed class and really didn't want it to end. After class it was almost 10! So I had to drive home and shower...I didn't climb into bed until 11:30!I really need to rethink my schedule.

Mondays we are not getting home until almost 11 after Sangha
Tuesdays & Thursday I am not home until 11
I have to be at the office between 7:30-8:30 (my boss is felxible considering I work anywhere from 8.5-10 hours a day). I have an hour commute to work. So I have to leave between 6:30-7:30 from I have to get up between 5:00-6:00. Long story short...I average 5-7 hours of sleep. So finding time for my daily asana practice is a problem I've been trying to figure out for some time. I really need to find the right balance.

I struggle with balance on every level of my life. It is my personal mantra I believe (although my teacher also said "more tailbone" would be my in Tuck your tailbone more)
I even wear a necklace every day with a yin/yang on it and the word "balance" inscribed on it as my gentle reminder :)

So after this fundamental series ends on the 16th I think I will just go to class once a week on Tuesdays & go to Sangha only on Sundays. This way I can make sure I am getting enough rest & do my practice in the morning before work.
I just need to get with a good routine that will include all the things I love and allow me to get enough rest.
Balance is key right?

Okay, well tonight is Date night with Denver. I plan to get home aroun 6:00 so I can do a little yoga practice first (I overslept this morning...hence the getting to bed at 11:30)
Nothing fancy tonight; just leftovers, reading and watching some shows we both enjoy. It is our one night a week together with no other distractions like yoga or sangha.

Oh yes and Chai's follow up yesterday went well. They said she was an angel (lol) and to bring her in again in about a week just to make sure there are no complications. She is still taking her medicine like a champ.
They gave her a bath too and she smells so "puppy" like. That fuzzy girl warms my heart. to be done!

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Sandra said...

Hi Flo,
funny, I am also engaged in the case how to create more balance in my life... But I think this problem regards everyone, doesn't it? I hope you'll get a lot of refreshing, restorating sleep! Best wishes, Sandra