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Monday, April 13, 2009

In a Daze

This morning was just a cluster!
I have a pretty sore toe and that just made me grumpy. I almost hit someone on my way to the office and got drenched while getting gas. Follow that up with family issues.
I felt in a daze most of the day.
I ate pretty crummy too. So in an effort to change the crummy attitude I adopted I came home and juiced some watermelons then made dinner: Couscous and I had some pita chips and hummus.
My tow is still throbbing right now. Ouch!!
But I am feeling better. I am going to give my toe another day or so of rest then get back on my mat; perhaps just do some modifications!
2 weeks until Asheville...starting to get very excited. I still need to finish reading over the Anatomy section and the Yoga sutras. I mean, I've read over both but these 2 parts are a little more "deep" you know.
Denver had a really good trackday and we had a good weekend. How about you?
Did you celebrate a giant Bunny?

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Sandra said...

Hi, easter days were great here, very calm and soothing. We spent the days reading and eating in the sun :o)

I hope your toe will become better soon!