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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hi Internet land.
Thursday night was the end of the Fundamentals Anusara course/classes. It was a composition of all the things we've learned.
It wasa very fun & playful class. We did a lot of partner work. I really enjoyed it.
One more week until my trip to Asheville, NC for the 5 day workshop/teacher training. I am excited to have 5 days away from work/stress and to focus on yoga, meditation and more yoga. I am sure it is going to be a lot of work but fun work!
I am finishing the last chapter of one of the required books and excited.
Next week will be busy at work, but I hope to make it 6:15 All levels class on Thursdays. That is my goal anyway.

Last night Denver & I went to the Dogwood Festival. We ended up getting there with only an hour to walk around ( ALOT of traffic)
There so many amazing artists! Very very expensive but amazing.
We did find the most simple and beautiful moonstone ring from a local artist. It replaced my lost wedding band. I love it. I've been reading about different gemstones and the moonstone is supposed to mean love, balance the yin/yang and india it is regarded as a sacred stone.
I was looking at different types of stones and the moonstone is so simple and pretty.
Plus the ring was not expensive at all and locally made.

Anyway, today we are just haning out and reading. I will make lunch in a bit, clean the house and practice.
Tomorrow we are going to Zenspace, maybe go back to the Dogwood festival to see the rest of the artists that were closing up and might grab lunch.
Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Sandra said...

Oh, moonstones are so amazing, I love the energy they have! Good choice! :o)

Tracy said...

i wore my moonstone earrings today that i bought in India!! i have a beautiful moonstone pendant, and sometimes it will "call out" to me, so i will go and put it on~
i am so happy you found a ring to replace your lost one and that you love it so! xo