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Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night was Anusara Fundamentals class. We have about 2 more classes to go. The next class is focusing on backbending (I am interested to learn a different approach to this because I've only learned one approach from Kino MacGregor and it was just in 1 workshop...I can do drop backs with help but really want to learn more about the principles)

Anyway! Last night we focused on Shoulders. Considering I carry so much stress in my shoulders & sit hunched at the desk for 9-10 hours a day it was very interesting.
I learned a lot and it will definitly change my practice. At one point the teacher made a comment that you can tell the difference between an Anusara Yogi from others because of their uttasana. And that is so true when you put the pieces together. This practice shows your arms wider, shoulders wider and fingertips engaged. It is all very intersting to me.

Also....I am SO EXCITED! My teacher decided to do another Part 1 of the Immersion during August. So I am going to sign up. By then I should have a decent understanding of the basics of Anusara; at least enough to gain some wonderful knowledge from the Immersion. It is divided into 3 parts and you can read about it here.
I am very excited!
I am so happy that my practice has led to this place on my mat. I find so much comfort, strength and clairty. I just need to get on my mat more!

Tonight we are headed to Alabama for Denver's first track weekend!!! :)


Sandra said...

Hi Joy, I just found your blog and it's real fun reading it. So nice to see you practice Anusara Yoga too!
Best wishes, Sandra

PS: I have a yoga blog as well, if you're interested have a look at an leave me a comment :o)

RB said...

I'm so you're doing an immersion! Can't wait to hear how it goes. I'm hoping to do part II this summer.