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Monday, December 1, 2008

In all Earnestness

"Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time,

without break and in all earnestness." Yoga Sutras I-14

Along with my daily asana practice I've decided to incorporate reading material and meditation/prayer daily.
Earlier this year my dear friend and I traveled to NYC to practice with Dharma Mittra (my friends teacher). I also enjoy Dharma's style of yoga and his lectures as well. So it was a wonderful trip.

On the last day of our trip we both bought some gifts from their shop. I purchased a Pocket Edition of the Yoga Sutras to carry with me- "Integral Yoga - The Yoga Sutras of Pantangali"

I am enjoying having this pocket version on hand to read. Before practice last night I spent some time reading and came across the quote at the top of this entry.

It speaks volumes to me right now and a wonderful reminder.

Day 1 with my intention of creating a daily yoga practice.

Also back to the office and away from the sofa with my husband and dog. I enjoy my job most days. I work for an amazing group of people which make it easier to tolerate the stressful times. I also enjoy what I do. But after having 4 days off it can be a bit insane around the office.
So yesterday I worked until 7:15 arriving home an hour later and started dinner. I did get a little yoga in before settling down for dinner. It wasn't much. Just a few sun salutations. But the intention is daily yoga- doesn't matter how small. The goal is to get on my mat.

Tonight I am heading into Atlanta for Intermediate yoga (hopefully unless the office gets crazy)
I enjoy Intermediate class. It is Ashtanga Primary with more attention on getting into certain postures. It is a great compliment to a mysore class.
With mysore I am practicing up to Kurmasana & Supta Kurmasana. This is because once I get to this posture I am pretty heated and becoming fatigued. I contribute this to not having a daily practice and not the healthiest vegetarian diet. And Obviously I am working on both :)

So tonight will be my first studio class in a a few weeks. I am looking forward to it.

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