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Monday, December 15, 2008

Thrifty Yogi--

How are you on this Monday? I am at home, trying to relax and feel better. I am not feeling so great. I was up most of the night, tossing and turning and finally fell asllep around 4:30. After I emailed my boss to say I needed the day off. I hate missing work because I know there is so much to be done. But I will get to it tomorrow.
Also my laptop sucks majorly. I had to wipe the hardrive...again the 4th time this year and the computer is offically 1 year old this month. I have been on the phone with Dell. I couldn't even log into the computer. I have to reinstall everything again. Apparently it is Windows vista. I am trying not to get upset. I've lost so many pictures but thank goodness for Flickr!

My weekend was good. Saturday I went to a cookie exchange for my bosses wife. It was so sweet she invited me. I got lost and showed up really late. But it was nice. After the cookie exchange I stopped off at Goodwill to drop off some items. After that Denver & I watched Chronicals of Narnia. I loved that movie.

Also we did some amazing cheap grocery shopping yesterday. We went to Publix then headed to our favorite Oriental Marketplace in Newnan. The owners are so nice (been shopping there for a few years) they are now going to carry May Wah~ so we don't have to go all the way to Atlanta to get it~
We stocked up on items. We spent under $60 to get enough food for all these meals:
  • Curry with Veggies and rice
  • Asian Stir Fry with Tofu & Noodles
  • Chili
  • Stuff to make Rick's Casserole
  • Stuff to Make "Cheesy" Chile Casserole
  • Asian Chili Stirfry with Veggies, Tofu and Rice
  • Grilled Cheese & Soup
  • Chicken Patties (fake of course) with Fries

Made me very happy to get so much food and do it cheaply. I love the oriental Market place.
We got lots of teas super cheap!

Here is Chai Playing with her rope

And here is my old lady Maggie being Maggie

here is a yoga related picture for you:

I am off to drink some hot tea, eat dinner then try to get to bed early.
I NEED more sleep and to get to work super early and get caught up.

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